Abadi called part of Basra allocations for the implementation of "strategic" projects

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi detect release part of the implementation of the strategy to maintain projects Basra allocations, noting that the majority of the conflict which revolves around the political influence that "should not" be used as the style of "miscarriage and Alafshal" of the consideration, as called economic experts on the government to put plans to invest money Basra big projects contribute to supplement the budget with funds from non-oil. This came during Abadi meeting, a delegation from the segments of the optical community, according to a statement the media to his office, I followed (range Press). He said the Prime Minister, in his speech during the meeting that the "infinite importance Basra oil injustice Only, because of its preservation of historical, cultural, intellectual and strategic importance, "revealing" starting projects strategic infrastructure in Basra to provide services to its citizens, including a project for water desalination. "Abadi said that" Basra province dear to us and any ill hit it affects the whole of Iraq, and Mazlomatha are the sufferings of all Iraqis, "returned to" the advancement of Basra must be accompanied by the advancement of the rest of the provinces so as not to be displaced to it. "The chairman of the Council of Ministers on" the launch of some of the allocations earmarked to Basra, "stressing that" the government "will monitor the disbursement process." felt Abadi "The conflict in Basra majority political power struggle," adding that "competition is a legitimate right but it must not be used as the style of miscarriage and Alafshal of the consideration." the prime minister stressed that there is "represented the war a serious challenge, as well as another is down oil prices," he continued, "but we In light of these challenges, we will come out stronger, where we have benefited from public pressure to keep some positions from quotas. "In turn, the economist said Uday Abdul Amir Amer in an interview for the" long "that" Basra is considered one of the richest parts of the ground of energy such as oil and gas resources in addition agricultural fertile soil The waters of the many, but the citizen is suffering from hardship despite the big budgets of the country. "He added that" Basra province contributes 90% of Iraqi oil exported but only gets a small percentage of the financial their need and allocated by the government in the general budget of the country. "He said Amer said "Local governments have to Basra was unable to lay the foundations of a strategy to build the economic capital of Iraq, which represented Basra because of its financial and geographic elements as the sole water port of the country and which connects Iraq, the countries of the world global maritime line." He said the "launch of private money in Basra province must comply and realities Industrial and over the need for the city to many different projects that advance their betterment and service and economic, according to plans designed to rotate the money in the coming years. "said Amer" The granting of powers to local governments to provide oversight to the process of money granted investment reflected rapidly to sustain the labor movement in the province of Basra all industrial forms, including agricultural and in order to achieve economic stability covers the entire country. "He accused the Congress for the province of Basra, Wednesday (11 / November / 2015), the
Federal Government to waive the share of the province within the budget year 2016, demanding the government grant to maintain its share of petro dollars complete . The MP said the conservative beauty Muhammadawi at a news conference in the House of Representatives with the participation of deputy governors and I followed the "long", that "the balance of Basra for the year 2016 is unfair to the province and its bid", referring to "the existence override the rights of the people of the province." He called Muhammadawi "of the Presidency Parliament and its members to support the province to gain maturity and not to be taken lightly right legal, "explaining that" Basra suffers from Mahromep in spite of the abundance of money which are provided by its oil wealth and its geographical location that. "He noted that" the first of the Federal Government to direct their attention more on province Basra, which supply the budget by more than 80% of the increase each year, "surprise" of the government's position of the province, which he described as "distressed" that bear the burden of oil production and environmental pollution that accompanies without getting something equivalent to those dangers and suffering. "He stressed the need that "the federal government fulfill its promises, which kept her from the Federal Court's decision to pay the petro-dollar rights without considering the general budget, saying that it was the inalienable right can not be waived." It is noteworthy that Basra, one of the first provinces, (590 south of the capital Baghdad km), which saw the launch of the popular movement demands for reform and the fight against corruption and improve services, and so on (the 31st of July 2015), and the flame that still movement going on as a result of the deterioration of their conditions, although it is the center of oil production in the country and exported President, only sea and the bomber, as well as of its agricultural land and industrial potential.