Preparations for the reconstruction of the Baiji refinery to secure the Salah al-Din need of oil derivatives

She Salahuddin province its full readiness to cooperate with the Ministry of Oil to bring life to the Baiji refinery and contribute to lock it, while Oil Ministry confirmed its intention reconstruction of the refinery after a study on the protection of the working group of security arrangements. The security aide to the governor of Salah Eddin Ibrahim Diab said in an interview to the (long-Presse) "The high-level delegation from the Ministry of Oil visited, today (yesterday), the province to discuss security arrangements for team Emaar Baiji refinery." Diab added that "the delegation discussed with the commander of the Salah al-Din Operations, Lt. Gen. Juma stubbornness, for the protection of labor and corporate team security arrangements specialized, which will cost the return of life to the Baiji refinery, "adding that" the operations commander instructed the formation of Mffersta examination of the explosives and the team engineering specialist to audit the ground and make sure they are free of improvised explosive devices. "

For his part, director of the Energy Authority in the refinery of Baiji, Sumaidaie said that" the province said expressed full readiness to cooperate with the work of the Ministry of Oil team, "returned to" bring life to the Baiji refinery linked to security guarantees. "He denied Sumaidaie" rumors that noted the absence of the intention of the Ministry of Oil reconstruction of the Baiji refinery, "asserting that" The oil ministry consider the refinery economic as a productivity task, Iraq desperately in need, and to bring life to him part of loyalty to the blood of the martyrs who sacrificed to free him. "In turn, the deputy security clearances oil ministry director, Mohammed inch, in an interview said to (the long-Presse), that" the ministry is serious reinstatement of Bmcefy Baiji after study for the protection of the working group, which consists of hundreds of specialists, local and foreign companies the security arrangements, "pointing out that" the ministry is determined to it, even if it is only the first phase include the operation of the refinery Salahuddin one, which is estimated to weigh about 15 percent, for the needs of the province of oil derivatives. "The joint forces recently Tmokt Edit Baiji, (40 km north of Tikrit), and Mcefaha oil strategic, within operations (Beck, O Messenger of God II), which was launched in (14 October 2015), to liberate northern Salah areas Religion, (170 km north of Baghdad).