Work calls for borrowers to review specific branches of banks

(Independent) .. called on the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs borrowers within lending programs for meals from 1-12 published their names to review the branches of the Rafidain Bank as stated instruments numbers on the website of the Ministry. A spokesman for the Ministry of Labour Ammar Menem The names announced include borrowers within the lending fund program that includes (supporting small income-generating projects, and industrial services), adding that the names of the borrowers announced by the branches of the Rafidain Bank and figures instruments on the website of the Ministry for meals all. And between Menem: the new meal included (130) borrowers within the Fund program to support small industrial and services projects, noting that the ministry has identified four branches of the Rafidain Bank, namely, (caliphs, and al-Mustansir, and Street Ocean, Jerusalem) for the distribution of the first installments and the second of loans to announcing their names on the website to the ministry. He explained that the upper limit of the loan to a fund to support small income-generating projects up to 12 million dinars, and includes job seekers registered in the ministry database, while the upper limit of the loan in the industrial services program up to ten million dinars. He said the total transactions in the ministry database up to 11/23/2015 in Baghdad and the provinces except for Kurdistan region for project lending Industrial Services Fund amounted to 19 thousand and 406 transactions of which (1447) in progress and (16753) released her instrument and (890) released her revealed , as well as Cancel (356) the treatment of the conditions for lending are not available.