Bilal Erdogan confirms that his company produces oil tanks and run

In an interview with the newspaper Corriere della Sera, the Italian lied Bilal son of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's allegations of his involvement in the sale of oil Daash. And with regard to the continuing study in Turkey Bilal he said that the reason for this is the dispersion concentration in Turkey. The title of an article the newspaper "Erdogan's son defends himself: I am establishing an office nor oil sell" as follows: after accusing the Kremlin to sell Daash Oil said the second son of Erdogan, who is following his studies at Bologna Italian: We produce ships tanks but we do not manage it. " Bilal replied to the newspaper reporter Viviana Mazza questions on the campus of Johns Hopkins University study, which began in the month of October after the Date again to complete his doctoral studies. In response to claims Bilal Erdogan, 35-year-old said: "I do not know what should I do to fix things. Valtdt Kremlin spokesman said that the son of Turkish President Erdogan sells Daash ships oil from the Turkish port of Ceyhan even Japan. These statements were published in all media Atah.lcunnina do not own any information on Ceyhan port or shipping. And especially that the organization Daash is the enemy of my organization is shameful to Muslims because it distorts the reputation and the image of my religion. They do not represent Islam and Muslims considered them I do not. " With regard to the question correspondence on whether BMZ company conducts maritime shipping or not Bilal said: "BMZ is to create a company and establish offices in Istanbul. We have an agreement to establish oil tankers and naval vessels for the contractor in Russia but we do not manage it. We also do not work in the Mediterranean, Syria and Iraq. " When asked correspondent him that Turkey sells Kurds oil Could it also sells Daash oil without realizing it said Bilal: "It is true that Turkey sells Kurdish oil but the map offered by Russia appears as if the Syrian Kurds are working on the delivery of oil Daash to the family Tupras refinery Koch, one of the richest families in the Koch family Trkiya.otcol They get oil from documented sources only. So you should be Tsolohm whether they are working with Daash or not this is the refinery does not belong to the Turkish government. " In the hang of it the source of his fortune Bilal said: "I own five restaurants in Istanbul next to Connie BMZ partner in the company with a couple of my uncles."