Investment in technology based on the development of the energy industry

09 12 2015

An International Petroleum Technology Conference ..
March leading to the Qatari hydrocarbon industry
Called Mr. Abdullah bin Hamad Al Attiyah, Chairman Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, the International Foundation for Energy and Sustainable Development to more investment in new technology and innovation as a necessary and crucial to the development of the energy industry and continuity and its ability to meet the growing demand for various diverse energy sources. This came in a speech opening the work of the special session yesterday with heads of companies within the activities of the Ninth International Petroleum Technology Conference Qatar National Convention Center in the period between 7-9 December.
And Abdullah al-Attiyah said that oil and gas companies are considered the most sophisticated and accommodating new technologies, use, and has become a leader in terms of research and development of these technologies.
And accept Al-Attiyah in the precise sequence received the follow-up to attend the march of the energy industry in Qatar and its development from the very beginning, and the stages of exploration and extraction of hydrocarbon resources by international companies in Qatar, and exploration of the North Field to the non-associated gas, and the entry of gas advanced stages of industry and entry to the east and west markets. Also dealt with the development of the petrochemical industry and its evolution. And told a brief story of the success of the country.
He stopped at the very beginning in the thirties that saw the erosion of fishing and pearl industry in Qatar when the demand for pearls less because of the emergence of the Japanese cultured pearls. He said that the discovery of oil in the neighboring Gulf countries in that period was a new hope for the possibility of Qatar to achieve economic success. The year 1939 marks the beginning of the dawn of the energy industry in Qatar when the company's efforts culminated in the Anglo-Persian Oil finding oil in Dukhan field.
And Abdullah al-Attiyah said that a lot of the success of the Qatar today thanks to a combination of factors of visionary leadership, and expertise in foreign and successful partnership. Adding that Qatar constantly worked together with international partners for the development of its hydrocarbon resources.
Although the beginning of the nineties have seen a major boost when Qatar has entered into a global-level projects in partnership with major international companies.
Abdullah al-Attiyah Turning to the discovery of Shell's largest natural gas field is associated in 1971 and delayed exploited after the withdrawal of Shell for nearly twenty years until the exploitation field fortunes of natural gas began even been exported the first shipment of liquefied natural gas from Qatar to Japan in 1997.
Then Al-Attiyah spoke about the successful march Qatari gas industry and building giant factories for the manufacture of gas Among the 14 plants LNG There are six of them is the largest in the world with a capacity of 7.8 million tons per year Maajolha largest factories of its kind to be constructed in the world.
Attiyah said Qatar's vision in the mid-nineties was to become the clean energy capital of the world through the production of the largest factory of its kind in the world for the production of gas liquids and petroleum derivatives GTL. Referring in this regard to the experience of the establishment of Oryx Gas Liquids Plant, then the Great Leap was the creation of the world's largest factory for the production of gas liquids Pearl - Qatar in partnership with Shell.
Al-Attiyah spoke on national experience in the petrochemical industry has attracted international partners, considering the availability of the necessary factors for a sophisticated and successful industry. Qatar has succeeded in extracting the partners according to the criteria of expertise and technological uniqueness and expertise in marketing.
In conclusion, His Excellency Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, the Qatari listed march to the hydrocarbon industry, describing evolution as a wonderful and deserves to stand with him and took lessons on how to establish industry wonderful huge economic investment and good partners.
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