Barzani's visit to Ankara today will be influential on the peace process

(Voice of Iraq) - Roudao - Istanbul - Ankara - Diyarbakir

Heading the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani province, on Wednesday, to Ankara for an official visit, is expected to be where he will meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu, is seen to visit Barzani interest, observers believe it will be of influence on the peace process in Turkey.

He is scheduled to Barzani meets with Erdogan at the presidential palace at six in the evening, to meet later with the Turkish Prime Minister at nine o'clock evening, and would talk with them about several important topics, such as war against al Daash, the economic side between the Kurdistan Region and Turkey, especially in the field of energy and natural gas.

Is also expected to include the two talks, the peace process between Turkey and northern Kurdistan, as Barzani seeks to urge the Turk officials and parties Kurdish to return to the negotiating table, says envoy Roudao network media to Turkey, said that the situation is tense much of northern Kurdistan, there are military spread everywhere .

In addition to those topics, Barzani is expected to confer with officials about restoring the Turk Mosul process, and the coming of the Turkish force to the outskirts of the city, and the tensions that erupted between Baghdad and Ankara after it came.

CFTC Roudao adds that Turk officials look to Barzani's visit with great interest, and describe it as historic.

And through the citizens of the city of Diyarbakir (Amed) Bkordstan Turkey visit that contribute to the resumption of the ceasefire and the peace process in Turkey, but it is unclear whether Barzani will meet with officials of the Peoples Democratic Party HDP.

Citizens hope in Diyarbakir, that the President of the Kurdistan region by virtue of the good affects his relationship with Turkey on the officials in that country, to resume the peace process and resolve the Kurdish issue.

Our correspondent says Roudao in Diyarbakir, Mashallah tamponade, that is close to the Democratic Peoples' Party parties, spoke in publications doubts in Barzani's visit, but they did not talk about it publicly, and did not officially speak any party from the party on the subject.

The reporter adds that it is not known whether Barzani will meet with the Democratic Peoples' Party officials, and the co-chairman of the party, Salah al-Din Dmartash, currently visiting the city of Sulaymaniyah in Kurdistan.

Our correspondent says Roudao in Istanbul Mohammed Izz al-Din said political observers, academics and journalists look for Barzani's visit to Ankara with great interest, and political observers believe that it would be influential on the Kurdish parties to resume the peace process in Turkey.