Basra Investment denies the existence of a project to build the world's tallest tower in the province

(Voice of Iraq) - Basra

It denied the Investment Authority in the province of Basra, Wednesday, and there is a project in the province calls for building the highest tower in the world, while the committee considered the development and reconstruction of the provincial council and the throughput of the Western media is dramatize the idea of ​​canceled project.

The head of the Gaspe in an interview with Alsumaria's News, said he "does not exist in Basra for the construction of high-rise or skyscraper tower, as such a project has not been raised as an investment opportunity by the body," noting that "any project of this kind can not be implemented without investment license issued by the Commission, and if the government funding should be put tender manner, the local government cash-strapped since last year, I do not think so in such projects. "

Gaspe and pointed out that "what was published across a number of foreign media in this regard may be Toulyat inaccurate idea Canceled spend building a multi-storey building in the form of guitar Sumerian investment formula," adding that "Harp project put up an investment opportunity in vain, where did not want Any foreign investor or a local adoption of the project, and the Civil Aviation Authority objected to turn allocated to the project for its proximity to the Basra International Airport area. "

For its part, the Chairman of the reconstruction and development of the provincial council flower Albjara said in an interview with Alsumaria's News, said that "talking about building the tallest tower in the world on the land of Basra is not realistic, and the frequency in some of the media in this regard is to dramatize the stark for a project they want local government It implemented two years ago, but abandoned it because of the financial crisis, "adding that" the bride Gulf project was just an idea provides for the establishment moderate Tower Height includes shopping centers and commercial offices, had been prepared geometric designs, are not available until the project-specific study, but was timely production fees by computer, and create a form of miniature architectural embodiment or simplify the idea. "

Albjara it pointed out that "the project has not been raised as an investment opportunity after the reluctance of local government on its implementation."

The magazine published (CityLab US) specialized in the construction sector and building cities report re-published many foreign, Arab and Iraqi media, and the report talked about the near build the tallest tower in the world on the land of Basra, has a height of more than three thousand feet, since the magazine stated that " The project adopted by the company (AMBS) Iraqi-British bears the name of (the bride Gulf), which calls for building world's tallest tower in the city of Basra, which looks qualified to implement the project because of the economic transformations accelerating factors, as they may become Iraq's economic capital, "adding that" the tower was designed by Adrian Smith and Gordon generation American company that designed the Burj Khalifa in the UAE. "