A crisis of confidence between the citizen and the different kinds of insurance service ... How to understand that the insurance guarantee and savings, and what are the mechanisms applied now?

The insurance sector Activity of important economic sectors of all countries in different political regimes ..! And slogan (guarantee insurance and savings) reflects among other objectives of this activity and the relationship between members of the community, government and private institutions.

Insurance is to human life from accidents and natural disasters, wars and loss of property and money as a result of incidents of theft, fire or work .. etc. in place in most countries, which is keen to provide material compensation rewarding for each insurance policy to his person holder or members of his family or his property from houses, car or technical equipment for his lab or his company as well as working to secure his project ..!

And many individuals inquiring about opportunities to apply the legislation on insurance mechanism in countries suffering from political, security and economic situation is stable compared to the countries of live stable in their positions all ..?

In a country like Iraq, which witnessed political, economic and social conditions. Cycles of conflict and instability as a result of regimes policy and wars and the decline of public services and the weakness of the social and living protection and increasing poverty, unemployment and lack of economic policy and the wasting of natural and human wealth Ver..klha proportion of negative factors to the decline in the role and the work of the insurance sector in society and the state.
According to official documents on insurance activity in Iraq that it had its beginnings in the fifties of the last century, in which this sector has grown performers and a surge remarkable and March, the public sector role in providing insurance and compensation to the motoring public and the Iraqi airlines .. but the decline this role as we mentioned back for a look and the policy of governments Systems Successive and the weakness of the means of dissemination of insurance awareness in the society ..!

The idea of ​​the citizen opinion Insurance

We met varied views of the concept of insurance and objectives and the threat of a guarantee for the protection of life and property from accidents as well as multi-saving process in the financial advantages.

Abu Abbas, the owner of Stationery library says .. I am not sure of the insurance policy and the terms and obligations between the individual and the company did not hear from the insurance company provided compensation for incidents of theft or fire, as well as heavy procedures routine in the conversion of the amount of compensation process .. currently he adds with a liquidity crisis Monetary and deal with my money deposited with the bank I find it difficult to withdraw cash from the bank and my needs are fragmented according to the days of liquidity ..?!

But any pharmaceutical Abu Remove believes that insurance civilized image and to ensure against fire accidents or theft Awaltvjerat located a inevitably cause damage to the drugs stored in refrigerators with blackouts ... and so I did not think insurance in such exceptional circumstances, especially life insurance and considered it a lie does not interest him .. I did not hear about compensation disbursed to the deaths ..!
The opinion shared by a doctor who has a clinic in the city of Kadhimiya, he said:

I think there is a weakness in the services and the role of government and private insurance companies and therefore the absence of insurance culture among individuals and institutions .. as well as lack of seriousness in the application of the insurance industry actively laws .. and frankly I'm not exuberant insurance thing at present!

This view is supported Mr. Maher of the library in Rabat Mutanabi Street says .. Actually I doubt the commitment of the insurance companies to pay compensation amounts ..! The reasons are many, notably the lack of security and political and economic stability conditions .. On the other hand I find insurance in other countries advanced civilized image of the Economic and Social Activity ..!

The employee Abu Safa and works in the exhibition for the electrical trade and says:

Insurance services in stable conditions and give their usefulness as I know that the company and factory owners were required to pay premiums annually, but after 2003 I do not know the reason for cancellation of the insurance by the heirs and stop factory work and the increasing bombing, kidnapping and robbery incidents ..!

And reveals to us His Stationery Library (Abu Zahra) in Azwairah area for exposure library incident fire and carry considerable material losses .. and he tried to seek compensation from the competent authorities, including the insurance company .. then he confirms that he does not have an insurance policy against fire or theft ..!

Then he met the owner of Dar scientific books library, Dr. Abdulwahab Al-Radi and told us saying:

Insurance service economic and social necessary under any circumstances ..! And my administration for the library since (28) Be careful in the implementation of my obligations in the insurance policy against fire and theft insurance as well as life and all my family, Incidents and travel requirements and treatment borne by the insurance company under the contract (document).

On mandatory insurance on individuals .. Radi sees that remains optional and conviction by the citizen by virtue of the current circumstances .. We note most of the developed countries have health insurance to all her sons laws .. this is good ..!

The accident brought us together with Abu Uday employee of the Ministry of Oil to reveal to us about the existence of mandatory health insurance for all employees of the ministry and almost the only ministry that works with this system ..!
He adds .. our salaries subject to periodic deductions until retirement nothing to do with the salaries of the end of the service .. any enjoys the support of all health and medical, private and government services for free ..!

Types and Insurance Benefits

Data and messages of the Iraqi government and private insurance companies refer to the services and benefits provided by companies for each type of insurance, according to the contract that determines the years of insurance and exaggeration number of installments based on the client's desire ..
There are comprehensive insurance mandatory on cars and accidents run over the collision and injury to those in the car or on the street .. and there are documents engineering insurance and belonging to civil and electrical engineering and production projects and cover the cost mistakes work Contractors and monuments and disrepair mechanical and electronic devices, there is also secure from fire and Azbbh of damage money and includes also floods, hurricanes and riots results .. and also insurance against theft and include documentation to secure the money in circulation, both saved wardrobe iron or while being transferred.

The marine insurance and the documents on imported from the supplier to the importer stores inside and outside Iraq by cargo ships, planes and trains ..
It is a private insurance documents to protect the family close and inhabited contents include damage to housing or construction accidents and personal and civic responsibility by the owner and third parties .. and also a close personal accident and accident involving damage to an external, including death ..!

And about the importance of the entry into force of the Law on Compulsory insurance on cars, which was released in 1980 and is believed many of its citizens work stops ..!? In fact, it is still in effect and is a guarantee of the rights of pedestrians and vehicle owners within the borders of Iraq and indicate the national insurance company data that the insurance premium deduction is when the vehicle owners fill in the fuel tanks of fuel stations including rate (003%) for each thousand dinars of the fuel value and allocated to the insurance fund compulsory and through him the compensation paid to the victims or the families of victims of run-over accidents .. and made a claim within thirty (30) days from the date of the incident at the nearest police station and all the archives for the incident and the quality of the injury and the report of the hospital View, and then submitted to a private in the company of a committee to determine the percentage of disability and the damage and calculating the amount Compensation ..!

Insurance experts contend in more than one occasion that the greater the dangers of exposure to property caused by accidents the greater the need for insurance for the purpose of achieving the safety of individuals and state institutions ..

Therefore, they stressed on the development of legislation regulating insurance and compulsory social insurance, including the participation of the state and the employer to provide protection in cases of disability, old age, such as insurance on the life .. and that insurance companies play their media and advertising the publication to promote community awareness of insurance.

He said recently the Director of the Iraqi insurance company to go to the government and private banks that lend to the idea of ​​asking citizens for their lives insurance against the risk of death or terrorism ..!

While economists and money called to the importance of the establishment of Supreme Economic Council includes representatives from the public and private sectors, including insurance to develop a strategy and follow-up for all economic activities that serve the protection of members of the community institutions and investment projects with the introduction of hoods insurance adapted to the current situation ..!

The role of the insurance reforms in the public and private sectors campaign

About this aspect expert explains insurance and director of Al Reham Insurance Company Abdal_husn Obaid Ziadi number of observations for insurance activity in the orientation of the government to enhance the role of the public and private sectors in the scientific and economic terms noted for phrase services provided by the company to members of the community, companies, factories and projects in collaboration with government insurance companies in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable ..

The company has the administrative and technical efficiency and Angels activist to view different kinds of insurance policies and explain the advantages of each document and the time period and the amount of compensation and the amount of premiums that are agreed between the company and the insured and on a voluntary basis ..

The expert adds .. Per an insurance policy are subject to a law of search and evaluation by a committee of experts from many sides to ensure the credibility of the documents and reports any incident and therefore determine the amount of the agreed compensation under the document ..

And see Ziadi that document life insurance is one of the best insurance and applied the concept of (savings) which is to be agreed upon as a lump what the interested insurance on his life for specific years would be returned after the expiration of the time period full what paid by with partial benefits, as well as post-mortem during the time period payout amount full compensation ..!

For the believer from here we need to provide a loan to no more than 50% of the premiums paid for the company ..!
Thus the movement of funds promote economic session of the society and institutions ..

Then we queried for the opinion of the insurance companies with loans for agricultural and industrial initiative and other .. and the possibility of providing insurance cover it?


Our visit to the Governor of the Central Bank put forward the proposal for the inclusion of the beneficiaries of the initiatives loans as economic activity and the need to protect the money from the insurance by providing them ..

Then he responded and decided to instruct the agricultural, industrial and housing banks to organize inclusive insurance mechanism ..
These experiments already worked on countries such as Iran, Malaysia, South Africa and other ..
It has also called for the association to secure the establishment of a common fund among all insurance companies to cover the money lenders for citizens of businessmen and investors ..

He adds director of the company .. we have introduced insurance (transfer of cash) and save cash and stores .. and we have a fund (secure border crossings) in the sense of any goods entering Iraq unnecessary insurance .. and it soon would instruct the Council of Ministers to work out ..
What do you think of health insurance and ways to expand and work with it?

All countries of the world are working with Mnzam civilized to protect the health of citizens and reflects the health renaissance .. PSD health insurance include every Iraqi and confirmed by the Prime Minister in a paper administrative reforms .. Unfortunately our country late Currently this Ganb..lma call for the ratification and implementation of this insurance system .. Private insurance and our companies are able to implement this project after the issuance of a unified national card, health card and that the family doctor practiced role in it .. and now the insurance companies to work in it as in Kuwait and the UAE, Saudi Arabia and its advantages ease the physical burden on the citizen of wages detection and surgical procedures, travel, medicine and other ..

Then Ziadi thought .. project does not require effort and extra burden on the Ministry of Health it costs money considerable human and capabilities of the State .. In short we see that take these insurance companies service and also gets underway with the workers in the oil ministry and foreign companies operating in Iraq Companies ..

Iraqi proposals Insurance Association

Read the special note in this Assembly by the private insurance companies call for measures and policies to support the private sector and ways to develop it in order to support the economy and society ..

The proposals date back to the abolition of specialization currently in place for private insurance companies and make them exercise all kinds of insurance, then the proposal calls for requiring insurance on goods, goods that enter the country's direct insurance within Iraq by banks when you open the documentary credit and the granting of import license and thus do exchange control and limit the phenomenon money laundering and currency leak to the outside and thus contribute to the development of the insurance sector economic process with the provision of job opportunities to a large segment of society and stimulate investment side ..

And calls for proposals to oblige insurance to all shops being part of the national wealth and directory heavy losses from fires, money, property and the phenomenon of people ..

The terms of supplementary vehicle insurance need comprehensiveness insurance compulsory, and the reason is due to the large number of vehicles after 2003 and the lack of roads and non-compliance with traffic rules and terms of durability and the high incidence of accidents and thus guarantee the rights of people and damage to their vehicles to obtain adequate compensation and to ensure the continuation of their work ..

The proposals also call for requiring foreign companies operating in Iraq to carry insurance for projects and mechanisms of people and the transport of goods in the Iraqi insurance sector exclusively in support of the national economy.

See professional development

The work of the Iraqi insurance sector
On this side summarizes the expert insurance Abdal_husn Ziadi these tasks, he said:

To keep up with proposals that came document proposals and ways to achieve them .. see re-examine insurance policies currently in force in terms of the conditions and obligations and responsibilities to keep pace with developments of society and the actual need for the requirements of companies and projects developments .. with the development and documentation of new insurance cover benefits that were not covered in insurance policies in the Iraqi market .
And I also see reconsider prices of insurance risks and according to the standards development and winning of inflation in the economy ..

It also calls to the extent of granting licenses to establish a new insurance companies except in accordance with the rules set by the Office of Insurance include financial solvency and efficiency .. with activating the role of the Iraqi Reinsurance Company in the expansion of reinsurance agreements and the granting of facilities for all types of insurance, without exception ..

With regard to the development of insurance employees see their involvement specialized courses and access to insurance markets worldwide and get access to advanced expertise ..

He suggested the need to increase the funds of insurance companies operating in the capital market.