Infallible: we have no choice but to emphasize the unity of Iraq and the preservation of its sovereignty
December 9, 2015

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq President Fuad Masum, stressed the need for unity in the situation and the strengthening of national trust between the parties to meet the challenges taking place in Albuld.oukal infallible during his speech at the consultative forum set up by the House of Representatives for representatives of the provinces of [Baghdad, and Diyala, Salahuddin, Anbar, Kirkuk and Nineveh, "This meeting is of particular importance from the importance and seriousness of the historical circumstance that we are going through, as we are making steps in the construction and reform of the security, progress and facilitate community reconciliation requirements framework, there are new challenges impose themselves and impose handled responsibly and faithfully."

He added that " No option for all of us Sawa wanted to move forward, not an option for us in our progress but to emphasize Iraq's unity, freedom and democracy, independence and the preservation of its sovereignty and security, and we'll go successfully and we will succeed in the democratic structure which accommodate everyone and succeed in achieving sovereignty and that only by achieving the unity of the situation.

"He continued" We may disagree politically, but we have to be united stance, and especially the day when Iraq is exposed to this vicious attack, may not be neutral, and everyone has to be to be one hand and we must deal with the principle deal to build political powers and social components, and to rely on the National Trust values ​​about each and tolerance among us and to promote a spirit of partnership, "adding that" the first danger first challenge is terrorism and the basics of victory over terrorism agents addressing fragmentation in our positions and strengthen our national unity beyond a shadow of infiltration to the influence of terrorism ", stressing infallible".

We live in an international environment and regional fraught with divisions and doomed Balaradat scattered and various interests, we will be able to be isolated what is happening around us in the world, "adding" But amid this climate and we face the challenges we can succeed and maintain our country and the interests of our people through the unit our position.

"He explained," In these circumstances we are dealing with international bodies many ", stressing that" our vision to go to, we welcome all the support and help we need and help us to root out terrorism, but only through the Iraqi state channels and through what confirms our sovereignty does not affect our independence is not incompatible with the principle of ground clearance of terrorism and return it to its inhabitants. "He "we will win on terror is not an option for us but to victory and our responsibility to prepare to return life to normal, not Daash nor terrorism nor a dictatorship nor individually in the government," noting that "We as Iraqis in the government or the parliament or outside of them work bravery real and genuine will to achieve social reconciliation and the rejection of the requirements of the spirit the spirit of segregation and to work on trapping and dispersion of extremism and hatred and to promote the spirit of citizenship, partnership and these historic responsibilities factors facing all of us. "