Parliamentary Integrity: The transmission of TBI director Hamdiya Dry files to the anti-money laundering judge
December 9, 2015

BAGHDAD - Baghdad .. News announced to the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, on Wednesday, on the transfer of TBI file manager Hamdiya dry to anti-money laundering judge.

He said committee member Mohammed fact that in an interview for Baghdad News, "It was referred TBI director Hamdiya dry from the Integrity Commission files to the anti-money laundering judge, to complete the investigation of the absence of answers to the committee or body up to now."

He added that the fact that "money laundering judge did not take any legal action against the dry so far, despite the referral files to it."

It is noteworthy that the Integrity Committee hosted a director of TBI Hamdiya dry during the last period, and charged them a number of questions regarding the work of the bank, and that replied to the dry section of questions and requested the Commission to grant time to answer the rest.