Parliament voted to reject the Turkish intervention Security Council calls for responsibility to do
December 2015 9

Voice of the House of Representatives held its regular Saleem al-Jubouri, headed by President of the Council and in the presence of 180 deputies on Wednesday on a single law as well as the rejection of Turkish intervention in Iraqi territory as finished reading two bills.

According to a statement of the Council, that "At the outset of the meeting the Council voted on the draft law of the First Amendment to the Medico-Legal Law No. 37 for the year 2013 submitted by the Health and Environment Committee in view of the privacy acts of forensic medicine and its importance."

President al-Jubouri and presented condolences Council martyrdom of Mohammed Khalil al-Jubouri, a member of the Kirkuk Provincial Council and President of the Arab Group, as well as the condolences of all the MP high Nassif of the death of her sister, the beautiful and the martyrdom of her brother al-Obeidi, an MP in the province of Nineveh.

The House of Representatives and discussed the issue of Turkish intervention in northern Iraq, as The President of the House of Representatives on the Council's rejection of any interference or violation of Iraq's sovereignty, expressing at the same time welcome any project effort in the battle against al-Daash holds the international community to Msalath in the fight against terrorism, pointing out that any support It must be done in coordination with the government and with the knowledge of the House of Representatives.

He stressed Jubouri on Iraq retain the right to reply to any parallel breach of any party, declaring the Council's support for the position of the Foreign Relations Committee in fact Mahristit subject.

The House voted to adopt a statement of the Foreign Relations Committee, who stressed the rejection of the House of Representatives for the entry of Turkish troops into Iraq under any pretext or justification in a move that is considered a flagrant violation of Iraq's sovereignty and a violation of the norms of international law and urged the Turkish government to withdraw its forces immediately from Iraqi territory, alluding to the right Iraqi government to resort to all means necessary to protect the sovereignty of Iraq and ensure the withdrawal of those forces and procedures.

The statement called on the international community and the Security Council to carry out its responsibilities towards this violation of the House of Representatives calling on the Turkish pressure on the Turkish government to withdraw its troops from Iraq.

Council ended the report and discuss the first draft amendment to the law on personal liability insurance for staff of government departments and public sector Act No. 47 of 1990 and provided financial and legal committees.

In the interventions of the House of Representatives MP Abbas al-Bayati he called on the government to respond to the law rather than complete the legislative procedures for the financial aspects of austerity under which lends itself to negative practices.

It warned Rep. Nora Albjara of granting authority competent minister termination of the insurance contract, which could open the door to corruption cases.
It demanded Rep. Najiba Najib to reconsider the issue of insurance to cover all sectors being to achieve economic feasibility and revenue for the state.
In its response to the interventions of the Committee on confirmed that the law is still in force and shall be effective but excludes the Defense Ministry and a national intelligence since the era of the former regime in the event responded law to the government will remain in force exception, noting that the insurance policy remain accredited and the employee's right to organize the insurance policy or not.

This was followed by Deputy Prime Faleh force of the Finance Committee Report of the Committee on the stages of completion of the draft general budget of the Federal Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2016 Act.

The MP pointed applicable to the reduction of capital expenditures compared to an increase of operating expenses alluding to reduce the non-oil revenues of more than 1 trillion and 700 billion dinars, alluding to the completion of the budget discussion with the Ministry of Finance and all the concerned authorities and the completion of discussions over the next five days, declaring the intention of the Commission to provide budget after technical readiness to the Presidency of the Council next Monday.

For his part, President al-Jubouri, a student of the Finance Committee to make efforts in order to take into account the observations and suggestions of Representatives for fueling the budget.

The Board completed a report and discussion of the draft law amending the Code of Criminal Procedure No. 23 of 1971, as submitted by the Legal Committee.
In the interventions MP Ibtisam Hilali noted the importance of the amendment and a private Maitalq address the negatives surrounding the secret Palmbr and its role.

In its response to the interventions of the Committee on confirmed taking into consideration the proposals of Representatives to mature the law, noting that the bill works to restrict the criminal court and not to convict the accused and the testimony of one of the secret informant was not identified.
And then led by Iyad Abdul Zaid al-Shammari was sworn in a new Vice substitute for MP Hussein al-Sharifi, who resigned from the membership of Parliament