11:12 PM [DHog] SteveI we all have the utmost respect for you and appreciate your generosity for maintaining this site. May I ask what has changed your excitement of it being really, really soon just a week or so ago to a minority of a chance of it happening soon. I/we believe every fact that you, Ray, Milly and the mods bring here so Im curious to your mindset change. And as always thank you for all that you and the other staff and mods do here. I could go on about the SFA and other items that should push them but I dont want to take too much of your time4
11:12 PM [DLD] onthewings geico piggy
11:12 PM [SteveI] Their goal was to be a full member by December 2011. Well, they missed the boat on that one.
11:12 PM [NCPO] onthewings yes those are greatlol
11:12 PM [onthewings] DLD those r the ones
11:13 PM [onthewings] SteveI when do the have re elections ?
11:14 PM [SteveI] Nothing has changed. March is a great window, however I personally like to be more consertitive.
11:14 PM [Oklahomalady] Howdy all any news tonite?????
11:14 PM [connie01] 2014
11:14 PM [SteveI] spelling.
11:14 PM [DHog] SteveI ty & 10-4
11:14 PM [77doug] SteveI that's ok, we got it
11:14 PM [123014]
11:15 PM [DLD] SteveI definitely the best approach look for sept and hope for sooner
11:15 PM [DHog] SteveI I understand, just didnt know if there was something I missed. TY
11:15 PM [77doug] Is there any idea as to how soon we will know b4 the RV?
11:15 PM [123014]
11:15 PM [SteveI] Mindset change has not changed. This is just the first time I said a great window and put a percentage on it. I did not do that in the past.
11:15 PM [NCPO] DHog you did. the pigs saying weeeeeee
11:16 PM [jcowser] wrt lgtrammel Thanks
11:16 PM [DLD] NCPO geico zipline piggy
11:16 PM [DHog] NCPO love it. I like the tight rope ride the best
11:16 PM [DLD] NCPO
11:16 PM [SteveI] I am certainlly not going to sit had hype you all up for no good reason. Too many other sites already do that. Not our style here.
11:16 PM [NCPO] DLD Exactly. just like onthewings was talking about
11:17 PM [onthewings] SteveI we are happy that you share your opinions with us all is good !
11:17 PM [NCPO] SteveI your style is the best
11:17 PM [SteveI] I will tell it like it is, good, bad, not so good, great, etc.
11:17 PM [tinker_bell] SteveI I for one and sooo thankful this site isn't like that! Thank you!!
11:17 PM [77doug] SteveI you ain't no Okie , fo sho
11:17 PM [smokestack] SteveI question.. can they really RV without the lower denoms in the hands of the iraq people?
11:17 PM [NCPO] SteveI still mad at hopes because she will not tell us when the event in AZ is.
11:18 PM [DLD] NCPO they have one now on a practice sled for bobsledding off season also funny
11:18 PM [NCPO] Man she can keep a secret
11:18 PM [lgtrammel] jcowser - Thanks for?
11:18 PM [NCPO] DLD Have not seen that one
11:18 PM [jcowser] lgtrammel text
11:18 PM [hstrymknwmn] NCPO don't ya know? it's going to be the same time as the summit!
11:18 PM [onthewings] SteveI I am just happy for a place to come and chat with fellow investors thank you for doing that for us
11:19 PM [DLD] hstrymknwmn like the way u think
11:19 PM [onthewings] NCPO
11:19 PM [hstrymknwmn] DLD
11:19 PM [NCPO] hstrymknwmn
11:19 PM [tinker_bell] hstrymknwmn ditto!
11:19 PM [SteveI] Here is what I am looking for in order for me to change my percentage and be more positive. I want to see the GOI done, announced. I want to see the Erbil and HCL done and put into law. I want to see the budget actually open and activated. I want to see Chapter VII fully lifted and announced. You show me those things and I will change my percentage on March. Deal?
11:19 PM [NCPO] onthewings I think she must have a military back ground as well
11:20 PM [premier] SteveI It sure looks like a great window in March. Let's hope that pride takes the lead for them to get this done.
11:20 PM [DLD] SteveI u got it deal
11:20 PM [BluGuyHoldingHisBreath] SteveI we already know that 7 will be part of the summit...
11:20 PM [NCPO] SteveI ok here it is. goi done, erbil and hcl into law....
11:20 PM [onthewings] SteveI wow didn't realize you where so demanding how does your wife put up with it
11:20 PM [SteveI] As these things get done, the getter things will start to look.
11:20 PM [Rockin'RV] SteveI I need your phone number to let you know when he deal is up!!
11:20 PM [77doug] Deal and Thank You So Much
11:20 PM [F & LA] SteveI I think we are all on the same page. We want to see those very same things! And we are praying!!!
11:21 PM [77doug] better
11:21 PM [SteveI] I will be like no guys now. NCPO show me the link?
11:21 PM [ramses73y] unless all this will done at the same time?
11:21 PM [NCPO] SteveI Ok thanks. I will try to be better. Do not want you to sick the DAWG on me
11:21 PM [NCPO] Hope I made you smile some though
11:21 PM [BluGuyHoldingHisBreath] need to re-pack my tassels....
11:22 PM [DLD] BluGuyHoldingHisBreath darn
11:22 PM [F & LA] SteveI
11:22 PM [DLD] BluGuyHoldingHisBreath
11:22 PM [onthewings] SteveI
11:23 PM [deepdivinman] Alot of us have been on this once in a life time ride for a long time. We've seen a ton of tommorrows, next weeks, this month, next months,we can certainly hold out for what seems to be a for sure thing in Sept. per Shabibi. And yes we all want it now, but look at all of those people we work with and know outside of work that haven't taken advantage of this ride. Look at what they are missing for their futures. And look at all of the great people we have met here because of Stevel and the mods
11:23 PM [DLD] deepdivinman amen
11:24 PM [onthewings] deepdivinman
11:24 PM [NCPO] SteveI I have to admit. Earlier you were talking about what the next phase is after this RVs. That definatly got Martha and I excited. Looking forward to that opportunity
11:25 PM [SteveI] Later guys. Need to go.
11:25 PM [NCPO] SteveI Have a good night
11:25 PM [Rockin'RV] GN SteveI ....thanks for comin' in tonight!!
11:25 PM [DLD] SteveI ge and thamks for stopping by and chatting
11:25 PM [Lady Di] It's just that some are losing homes cars and families we really need this to happen now.need to be debt free to do what god wants to do.
11:25 PM [onthewings] SteveI thanks for joining us give your wife our love and have a great evening
11:25 PM [SteveI] Nothing has changed NCPO just putting numbers by my windows.