Spring terminate the contracts of Dhi Qar hits projects

Iraq today / Laith Serail

Dhi Qar announced the head of the government - the conservative Yahia Nasseri, said Tuesday "the immediate termination of the stalled project contracts, for reasons other than financial," and why the mystery of time, said the official tongue of Nazareth, the Information Office: "

The termination of the contracts, came at the request of contractors and related companies ", and annulment of the marriage to the project, which occupies the number one in the list of concerns of Dhi Qar," the province to give priority management is keen to complete the implementation of water projects and electricity which amounted to completion ratios, more than 80 percent "And number one, read:"

The project management they relate priority in the work of the province and the departments concerned, which is serious about getting the necessary funding in coordination with the federal government ", and on the evidence that these projects bearing the number one in the list of Interest:" The work is underway with the Ministries of Planning and Finance to identify priority projects that can be financed under the current financial crisis, the stalled projects that can terminate the contracts, "the decline of the head of a government Qar to speak to the beginning -" termination of contracts ":"

The project operations room, identified a number of controls, for the annulment the stalled project contracts for reasons other than financial, has begun the withdrawal of work and termination of contracts, at the request of contractors and related companies ", and the stalled projects in the province as a result of the financial crisis, said the Nazarene and figures:" The number of stalled projects due to the financial crisis, there were 444 projects, though many of them, will be subjected to extinction, as a result ", and the date of birth of such projects:" Most of the projects, dating back to 2013, that the province did not receive financial allocations for the implementation of new projects, during the years 2014 and 2015 ", and left us with you dear reader, remind you, as stalled projects spread over 22 sectors .. what is and what is a service development.