State sponsors of terrorism publicly !!
9 12 2015

Qais virgins

Been more than 12 years to change, and we have been through in these years failed governments .. both Bremer and a time during the presence of US troops in Iraq, or their withdrawal after the end of the year 2011, has been unable to provide basic services to citizens, especially basic ones.

Therefore, the defense of these governments, and to justify its failure is a form of hypocrisy is unacceptable and harmful at all levels, however, still we hope for reform and change after so many years, and the problem of these parties and Alaitlavat..soa formed which previous governments or that have remained outside the government , it is looking at the regional countries for a solution to the problems of Iraq, but are there in Saudi Arabia or Qatar, for example, democratic systems can seek help them, or form a cover legitimate for the work of these parties and coalitions: both of these family systems to wane or change, because they run counter to current trends and developments of our time .. Is a democratic system in Iran represents a political and national trends to the Iranians: No, and ask for help when her family is, enters the door begging and mercenary the rights of our society account.

Accumulated over these years and the confessions of documents and leave no room for doubt, Saudi Arabia and Qatar support the terrorism and Tamolanh various ways illegal, how can search for aid from these countries to combat terrorism !! And how can request the legitimacy of missing them, these countries do not recognize the parliamentary representation, or what is known as the ballot box, and other means, which gives legitimacy even to the minimum official, and also do not know who represents them, if the judgment in which a family ..

Is it a family and tribalism or citizens and various categories of people? It is true that these parties and entities and coalitions Iraqi request, to help the fight against terrorism of states sponsoring terrorism and financed !! At the same time, some of these parties and gatherings that request assistance from the co-sponsors of terrorism, did not enter the last election to have a legitimate representation (Alorbaaan- four Islamic schools)? Actually, we suspect such parties and gatherings that have been taken from the state sponsors of terrorism kiss her, including Iran, which benefited to the maximum limits of the chaos caused by the occupation in Iraq, the simple home does not care about supernatural and talisman velayat-e faqih and others, as far as his interest in the provision of food his family, and a majority supports the equal rights of Iranians, do not support the utopian or metaphysical authority .. whether religious or ideological, the correct measure it, is the extent of what they offer governments, parties and coalitions of services and well-being of the community, for the past 12 years, the Iraqi government, although it is elected or legitimacy, very far from the demands of the people and the various denominations, and adds a new failure to previous governments' failure, because it is discussing with other parties and gatherings for solutions to the problems of Iraq from outside the border, and countries supporting and sponsoring terrorism, and countries benefiting from this mess, trying to prolong the crisis, and the opening of new crises to achieve further gains, but at the expense of the interests of Iraqis who have wasted their fortunes at the hands of governments and corrupt parties and coalitions.