Parliamentary Displacement: There are no money and aid for people displaced by the "silence"

09.12.2015 at 10:19 (GMT Baghdad)

Special - scales News
The head of the committee of deportees and displaced parliamentary Raad Dahlaki, Wednesday, on the lack of seriousness of the government in re-displaced people to their areas that have been edited, in what was considered that the government is in a valley and displaced persons in another valley attributing the cause to not hear the suffering of those families under the current climatic conditions.

He said Aldhlki L / scales News /, that "there is" silence "and indifference to the conditions of the displaced by many officials," stressing that "the government does not provide funds to help the displaced in the difficult conditions experienced by those families."

He added that "there is weakness in the competent institutions work of the displaced where they are not providing adequate liquidity her to offer a helping hand to those families which shows the lack of attention especially for displaced people in these difficult circumstances," adding that "those families is on the rise, especially after the battle of Al-Anbar, as well as the upcoming battle in Mosul. "

He explained that "there is no relief and shelter, or money paid to people displaced by the state," stressing that "the government said in a valley and displaced people in the valley last government did not hear the cries of the displaced through the suffering that they suffer now."

He pointed out that "there is no positive steps to return the displaced families to areas that have been edited," noting that "the government is not serious in them back to their land despite the difficult circumstances they are going through."

The spokesman for the Ministry of Displacement and Migration Sattar Nowruz said, earlier, that the ministry's budget is not enough to move the displaced to safer places from the caravan, while noting that the decline in oil prices is a big blow to the efforts of the ministry. It ended 29 quarters e