Mr. Hakim: recent victories confirmed not need foreign troops to Iraq

Head of the Sunni Endowment received

President of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim received at his office in Baghdad, head of the Sunni Endowment Abdul Latif Alhmam, stressing that "the recent victories in Baiji and Anbar confirmed Bdhars Iraq categorically not need any foreign troops." According to a statement of the Supreme Council that "His Eminence discussed with Alhmam the conditions of the displaced families, calling for concerted efforts to alleviate the special suffering with the advent of winter, reiterating at the same time that the most effective solution is to edit cities and reconstruction so that the families dignified return to their homes."

Mr. Ammar al-Hakim called according to the statement of community and tribal leaders to promote the role and national duty to restore harmony to areas that have seen being uprooted, and the displacement and remove tensions between the people and the restoration of peace and harmony, noting that this requires an understanding of the nature of what happened and research in how to bring life to these areas. And victories security achieved recently in Baiji, Anbar said al-Hakim that the recent victories confirmed Bdhars not Iraq need any foreign troops conclusive of any party to the liberation of Iraq from Daash, noting that during the year and a half was liberated tens of thousands of kilometers in areas with difficult terrain it did not enter one before.