Industry: pierced the armor that is not of our production

It denied the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, Tuesday, penetrate the armor has produced and processed for the Ministry of the Interior and conformity with the standards required by official documents. According to the inspector general of the ministry, Abbas al-Asadi: "The Maathir about penetrating armor produced at the Ministry of Industry and does not meet the required specifications disgrace for health."The General Company for Leather Industries equipped with the Ministry of Interior earlier and prior to receipt of the current administration of the Ministry of the quantity of (5000) Shield has been completely received by the ministry mentioned and have paid amounts after the completion of screening procedures and acceptance documented official books."

He explained, "that pierced the armor that is not produced by the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and pointed out that stir up such a topic at this time is intended to undermine the national industry and reducing domestic product would."

And between al-Asadi "had previously been the formation of a committee to investigate the issue of the production of armor since February of this year has not been shown to shorten the ministry the fact that the payments are processed the Interior Ministry are subject to the procedures for examination and acceptance by the ministry itself before it is put to its stores called on government agencies to provide support to the ministry in its efforts to promote National product and contributing to the support of the Iraqi economy, the fact that the ministry has companies specialized in the production of different types of products meet the need for a good percentage of the public and private sectors and is able to work and production. "