Turkey: a sell-off to foreign investors because of the Russian crisis

Raised mounting tensions between Turkey and Russia after dropping one of the Russian fighter jets for violating Turkish airspace a state of fear and anxiety also has a foreign investor. Foreign investors sold shares and bonds valued at B435 million dollars in the period between 21 and 27 / November last, which also included the three days that followed the overthrow of Russian fighter accident which was a harder sell during the past 37 weeks. This figure scoring as the highest in the statistics after the sale of $ 539 million a week, which included the period between 7 to March 13 / March last in which the dollar broke records in a row in front of the Turkish lira and expressed the politicians sharply criticized the economic policies of the government. As for the government securities sold by foreigners during the 11-month volume exceeding $ 5.9 billion.

Experts are concerned about the continuation of this increasingly fall.