Rusafa appeal a British company is required to pay and a half billion dinars

It issued an appellate bodies in Baghdad to resume / Rusafa Federal Court, on Tuesday, a decision in which a British company committed to re amount of more than a billion and a half billion dinars to account collected with an Iraqi company. The head of the Appeal Judge Jassem Mohammed Aboud in a statement received / scales News / copy of it, "the second body in the appellate court issued a decision in which the company has committed (Tak Surf Estates) British, to pay the sum of one billion and 623 million dinars." Abboud said that "this company had a joint checking account with Al Fao General Engineering Company has already deposited the amount." He pointed out that "the British company withdrew the amount without the knowledge of their Iraqi counterparts," pointing out that "the Court Olzimtha return the person to the account" .