Dana Gas Kurdistan continue to demand compensation of up to $ 11 billion

Twilight News Dana Gas / they and two other companies are demanding the government of the Kurdistan region of Iraq for damages exceeding $ 11 billion, due mainly to what it deems a violation of the rights of two fields in the region.
Said Dana Gas, in a statement to the stock exchange, the jury will consider the claims and Crescent Petroleum and Pearl Petroleum next year, adding that the claims related to Bhakly Khor Mor and Chamchamal.
She added that the jury will also consider a lawsuit Kurdistan Regional Government the interview, which calls for the compensation of about three billion dollars.
In 2007, the Kurdistan Dana Gas was awarded the UAE Crescent Petroleum and a 25-year contract to develop the fields Khor Mor and Chamchamal gas, and in the later acquired all of the Austrian OMV and Hungarian MOL to 10%.
But differences over the legal rights and because of allegations of non-payment of the full value of the supply of condensate and liquefied petroleum gas from the Khor Mor field delayed the project.
In the past week, Dana Gas said, that the jury in London ordered the Kurdistan Regional Government to pay $ 1.98 billion for the alliance of the company within 28 days. In its statement today, Dana said it had not received any funds from which the judgment in their favor until November 20.
In return, the provincial government statement said Dana Gas "misleading" and did everything related to the file before the arbitral tribunal includes, noting that it is still continuing in lawsuits against the company demanding compensation for huge sums.