Parliamentary Finance: the absence of government accounting grubby 8 trillion dinars

A member of the Finance Committee in Parliament MP Hossam punitive, Tuesday, that the amount of non-oil revenues during the current year was four trillion dinars of the 12 trillion (the difference 8 trillion dinars) for the lack of seriousness of the government to monitor and to hold accountable those in charge of the subject. He punitive, saying: "During the budget presented a proposal to the late Ahmad Chalabi (the former head of the Finance Committee) before he died two days later that we have a problem of revenue is oil, which represents the collection, fees, taxes, customs, and the communications and Kartat Shipping mobile, and fines, as there wages Real Estate, then Chalabi agreed to the idea. " He added, "We should know the revenue that comes to a very speculative or planning the federal government, and after knowledge will be ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry and the provinces accounting for the amount of levies," explaining that "what is planned up from 12 trillion dinars to 14 trillion and this number is very large."
And between, "it was to inform the Ministry of Finance that they do not write revenues only guess, but sketch also, if these figures are levied and obtained the right way to reaching the 12 trillion," he said, adding, "We ask telecommunications companies, also ask the customs tariff which have not been implemented in the border ports revenue Because of the Kurdistan region it did not execute. "

He punitive, to "What the collection during this year did not exceed 4 trillion of financial Iraq, while the planned 12 to 14 trillion, and here the question either the Ministry of Finance Takto and delude ourselves to these numbers, or is stolen, or not There is a real collection, it has been nominated as the third view that the ministries and the government is not serious about follow-up, monitoring and accounting on this subject, what is planned is true when what actually levied up to 4 trillion. "

He noted, that "the latest addition in 2015 of an increase Kartat communications, and Internet prices by 20% is supposed to return revenues of the federal government."

He punitive "As we discovered there is supposed to be a tax on companies licensing rounds, with an estimated 2 to 3 billion dollars, and this requires a large number accuracy and accountability and obtaining".

It was punitive, said in a statement yesterday that the "non-oil imports have been reduced (in the budget next year, 2016), as it was estimated at 14 trillion dinars and was now estimated at 12 trillion dinars, and the reason is because the calculated level of this revenue thing and what Asthsal and levied another thing".

And he demanded punitive federal government that is interested procuring and collecting the money the federal treasury as planned in the budget, "pointing out that" there are recommendations by the Finance Committee to impose sanctions on those concerned Paljbaah, and that is reminiscent within the budget law, which confirms the departments commitment Paljbaah and private wages electricity and water. "