Urgent .. Dozens of ISIS elements killed in the "severest" bombing shelling south of Mosul
Tuesday, 08 December 2015 12:58

Shafaq News / A military official revealed that more than 30 elements of ISIS were killed and other injured in the " severest" aerial bombardment on south of Mosul.

The official said in an interview received by Shafaq News, that 25 air strike were carried out yesterday on the vitality of ISIS sites on al- Qayyarah sub-district, which is considered the fiercest since ISIS controlled that region.

He said that the strikes targeted the gas and oil wells isolation station , wells and oil tanks with Qayyarah refinery , a health clinic and other sites station.

He said, "According to our sources, more than 30 ISIS terrorist elements were killed as a result of the bombing which was carried out in coordination with the international coalition in Iraq."