Cover 80% of the ration card needs of local wheat

Culture announced the arrival of the limits of more than 80% of the ration card to cover the needs of the wheat crop for the current year. And transfer to a ministry statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of it for its agent Mahdi al-Qaisi, he said that "the ministry is currently focusing on strategic crops, especially wheat and barley, as it seeks to reach self-sufficiency of this important crop," noting that "the Ministry of Agriculture arrived full coverage of wheat locally in 2014, but the security crisis in the province of Nineveh and entry Daash terrorist prevented it.
"He added that" the Ministry of Agriculture had planned today to three chock projects for the wheat crop, namely: the national program for the development of the cultivation of wheat in Iraq, and the program of seed multiplication ranks Supreme, and project the use of sprinkler systems in the cultivation of wheat, where the systems are distributed to growers of wheat at a subsidized price and 50% of the agricultural initiative.
"He said Qaisi that" the identity of Iraq and agricultural will remain agricultural, and that the nature of the land and its climate made ​​him distinct from other countries and reflected on agricultural crops and vegetables which is always desirable in terms of quality and taste, "adding that" the Iraqi meat from cows and sheep as well as featuring Btamha and flavor and quality compared to the importer, including ".