Parliament waving to expel the Turkish ambassador and hosts two ministers to discuss the latest crisis

National Alliance, which discuss the crisis between Baghdad and Ankara-h d meeting Twilight News / announced the Presidency of the Council of Representatives member Hamoudi for hosting the foreign and defense ministers in the House of Representatives during the next two days, to discuss the latest crisis concerning the presence of Turkish troops on the inside Iraqi territory. Said Hamoudi said in an interview responded to Twilight News, that the House decided to host the ministers of defense and foreign affairs in order to release the circumstances and details of the Turkish aggression against the Iraqi territory and government actions taken about it, confirming the formation of a parliamentary committee to follow up the issue of the purchase of Turkey for Iraqi oil from Daash. He warned first deputy chairman of the Council of "lack of commitment by Turkey claims Iraq to withdraw its troops from the country, noting that if the deadline set by the Iraqi government, the end did not respond Turkish party to withdraw his forces would be their ambassador is not welcome in the country and will be the answer options are open to the Iraqi side."