Wasit Council approached the ministries of finance and planning to increase the budget of the province to more than one trillion dinars

On: Sun 10/09/2011 16:00

Council called for the province of Wasit province to increase allocations within the budget of 2012 to more than a trillion Iraqi dinars.
The Secretary of the Board of watermelon Ghazanfar reporter Agency (news) on Sunday: I propose that the Council during its meeting today, to approach the Ministry of Planning and Finance need to increase the budget to maintain (1080) billion Iraqi dinars.
The Watermelon: that the proposal came after that was a study on the percentage allocated to the project in 2011 with the amounts allocated to the budget, noting that the budget allocated to the province in 2012 amounted to (216) billion, a fifth of the proposal.
He pointed out: that the Council will be meeting this week to discuss the proposed projects of 17 units within the districts of agnosticism and the areas of the province.