Alexanzan Thani, Minister of Trade haunt him .. judiciary and integrity accuses him of manipulating with 3 trillion dinars

Days of the issuance of an arrest warrant against the Minister of Commerce article Mlas Abdul Karim Alexanzan one of Representatives to withdraw his request to parliament to interrogate the latter for not completed the required conditions, according to the minister orders the block before.
Does not preclude national coalition, the block that belongs Alexanzan - the existence of "political motives" behind its minister accused of corruption because he was not subject to parliamentary questioning, and that the prime minister only as "resigned", because of his absence from working for a month.

But in the Integrity Committee member confirms that the files are directed against the minister was one of the "high-caliber", and it does not need to questioning in Parliament. The MP pointed out that the Minister of Commerce replaced, two days after he took office, some of the important sites in the ministry figures "accused of corruption", pointing out that the Alexanzan when he took office was held by his ministry 3 trillion dinars. National coalition led by Allawi received a second blow when the farthest Minister of Trade in the government after al-Abadi isolate its leader for the post of Vice President of the Republic in August. And think seriously to withdraw from the coalition government and the switch to the opposition.

Abadi promises to Allawi

MP says Kadhim al-Shammari, a member of the national coalition, "The prime minister Haider al-Abadi had promised Iyad Allawi access to other ministry in addition to the trade, but he retreated from that." See al-Shammari, in connection with the (range), that "al-Abadi was unfortunate to deal with the national coalition, and that the bloc lose their turn after the sacking of Minister of Trade and accused him and the abolition of the post of deputy prime minister." MP for the National and reveals that the mass "is seriously thinking to withdraw from the government and the transition to the opposition, but did not reach a decisive result so far."

He denies al-Shammari, including representation bloc known as the "coordinating Sunni forces" announced by the President of the Federation of Osama Najafi powers last month in the Jordanian capital Amman and included 12 personal Kiedian including in Allawi's coalition MPs such as Mahmoud al-Mashhadani and Karim Shaalan. Shammari stressed that "al-Mashhadani and al-Shaalan represent themselves", stressing that "national will not be part of the sectarian bloc".

Crime in the minister's office

Shammari, also criticizes the statement of the President to dismiss the government and the Minister of Commerce, as "escape from the face of truth in that Alexanzan was the only minister who issued an arrest order against him." He pointed to "the presence of ministers against them heavier and more dangerous files available but has not been held accountable." Ebadi said Office in an official statement last week that "the Prime Minister decided to terminate the Minister of Trade Mohammed Alexanzan Mlas tasks and be considered to have resigned for not Mbacherth his duties for more than a month."

Alexanzan was confirmed last October his intention to personally go to the competent court to prove the "innocence" of the charges against him, with the exception of an arrest warrant issued against him as "not up" to the level of charge installer.

Coincided ordered the issuance of an arrest warrant on charges of corruption against Alexanzan charged with the assassination of his chief press secretary Wizeralve named Nazim al-Qaisi, across the plant an adhesive inside his car while parked in a garage ministry. But al-Shammari Minister denies connected to the killing, "al-Qaisi," and asserts that "confessions Director of the Minister's Office accused of assassinating al-Qaisi led to the issuance of the arrest of the minister and his brother on charges of corruption orders."

He noted member of the National Coalition to eliminate that last month cleared the minister's office manager was sentenced to life imprisonment and the rest to death for the fourth accused.

The Central Investigating Court announced last September for four associate members belonging to the security protections minister accused of committing terrorist acts affected the employees in the ministry, including the media Nazim Naeem Qaisi arrest. The court said the group recognized to carry out a number of assassinations affected staff in the ministry ", adding that" confessions reinforced by a video showing the process of media assassination of Nazim Naeem Qaisi. "

On the other hand a few months ago they were questioning a number of ministers, including Minister of Electricity and defend against the backdrop of the existence of suspicions of corruption in some of the projects and deals in those ministries, while not questioning the Minister of Commerce same charges. Attorney-Shammari and reveals the existence of a single interrogation request had been submitted from one of the House of Representatives before the issuance of arrest warrants against the minister. "The interrogation was withdrawn after it either because it is incomplete or conditions that MP had wanted to add some points to be questioned."

The MP Mansour Baaja a coalition of law announced "collecting signatures for parliamentary questioning of the Minister of Commerce, because of the presence of a major corruption files within the ministry."

Thani, Minister of supplements

Pat and Commerce Minister Abdul Karim Mlas in first place in the government of Haider al-Abadi after he was sacked without questioning the impact of the issuance of an arrest warrant.

It also ranks second among trade ministers wanted to spend after the former minister Abdfilah Sudanese, and the fifth largest among the most wanted fugitives of Ministers, where Karim is still on the run, according to members of the Integrity Committee.
And it confirms the Integrity Committee member Taha defense, (range) that "the Minister of Trade has been blocked at the Baghdad airport to fly back to his home and flee through another", adding that "the documents and evidence against Alexanzan was too heavy and there was no need to question him in parliament."

He revealed that the defense minister, who has held his post for more than a year, "he would have found in the treasury ministry 3 trillion dinars allocated for the card Altamoanh while the most of the rest of the ministries tanks are empty."

A member of the Integrity Committee that "since the first day to take over the post of Alexanzan signed projects and is on the second day some others acting general managers, most of whom are accused of corruption." The defense asserts that "the Minister of Commerce did not appear in court until now." But lawmaker Kazem al-Shammari is expected, "the minister acquitted of the charges against him and that he will attend when the investigations end with the rest of the defendants." As denies knowing the whereabouts of al-Shammari "Alexanzan", supporting the national coalition said in Accounting to eliminate the requirement of the accused not to use it as leverage against the block and not others.

The spokeswoman for the National Messier Damluji said before the release of al-Abadi's decision to dismiss "Alexanzan" that "the Minister of Trade is still in Iraq and the charges against him concerning the ex-minister," also denied irreplaceable nomination, and confirmed that he is still "the minister of trade." The news leaked on the nomination of the leader of the National Coalition Hassan Chuird substitute for "Alexanzan," but Chuird denied this and said that "it's up to the leaders of the bloc."