Parliamentary Finance: amendments to the federal budget next month approval

BAGHDAD - A fraternity

Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, all amendments issued by the Council of Ministers on the financial budget for next year, while confirming the middle of next month's approval.

Said committee member Ahmed Sarhan: The Commission received amendments issued by the Council of Ministers of some of your budget next year figures which include modifying the fiscal revenue to 80 trillion dinars after it reached in the previous period 85 Trliuna.

Pointing out that the amendment amounts included expenses of $ 1.5 trillion after it was 1.6 trillion dinars, as well as installation of the oil revenues to 69 trillion dinars.

He added Sarhan, that the amendment included non-oil revenues, amounting to 11 Trliuna after it was 13 trillion dinars.
Noting that the shortfall in the next budget amounted to 24 Trliuna instead of 23 trillion dinars.