Parliamentary Finance: 34 000 degrees and careers in the budget of 2016

Date: 08/12/2015 13:50 172 Show

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Detection of the parliamentary finance committee member Masood Haider, Tuesday, about the presence of 34 000 degrees and careers in the draft federal budget for the 2016 law, likely vote on the bill before the end of the current year.

Haider said in a statement to Agence / information /, "The budget law for 2016 included 34 thousand degrees and careers divided by 20 thousand degrees to the ministries of defense, interior and thousand degrees to the Ministry of Health."

He said Haider, that "other grades will be distributed to other ministries by Coleman urgent need," noting that "the committee is continuing to host the concerned officials of the ministries in order to complete the discussion of budget items."

He guessed Haider "vote on the draft 2016 budget law before the end of the current year" .anthy / 25 u