Economist: the necessity of activating the customs tariff and follow-up operations import of goods

02/27/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add Comment - Baghdad (news) called for an economic analyst Ibrahim al-Mashhadani, the need to activate the device standardization and quality control and the law of the customs tariff at the border of Iraq to limit the entry of goods bad for the country. Mashhadani said (of the Agency news) Monday: the federal government that is moving towards the border outlets and monitors the operations import of goods through the activation of the customs tariff and a standardization and quality control on imported goods in order to preserve the safety of citizens from harm, the fact that most food is corrupt. stressed al-Mashhadani, the importance of activating the circle system of standardization and quality control and take its role fully in the process of examining the goods and shoddy goods coming into Iraq, the fact that most of them do not comply with international standards and of poor quality, in addition to that the companies contracted lagged in its work in recent times, due to lack of oversight by the federal government on them. and between: the Iraq lacks a local product in a frenzy of most of the laboratories of the Ministry of Industry, and not to give the active role of the private sector to open industrial plants which led him to rely on imports to meet the external needs of the necessary consumer goods.

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