Maliki calls for "serious pause" about the unity of Iraq and warns of a "sinister projects."
2015-12-08 18:01:50 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The leader of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki, Tuesday, to "serious pause" about the unity of Iraq, and warned of a "sinister projects and efforts to divide" the country, and was charged with Turkey as "insincere" in the positions of the fight against terrorism, he stressed his refusal to the presence of any foreign troops on Iraqi territory.

Maliki said in a statement seen Alsumaria News it, "The youth an important role in building the country and what Iraq is going through today requires everyone to stand united against evil projects aimed at the country's unity," warning of "schemes and projects conspiratorial suspicious aimed at aborting the political process."

He added that "these projects behind it states known for their hostility to the new Iraq, and those countries supported internally from the remnants of the defunct Baath terrorists and extremist and sectarian organizations."

Maliki warned of "the efforts of the division of Iraq, which returned again features through the presence of foreign forces in Anbar and Mosul," and expressed his rejection to "the entry of foreign troops to the country because it is a violation of the sovereignty, unity."

He said al-Maliki that "the Turks is honest politicians in positions of the fight against terrorism," calling on all political forces to "unite to face the dangers facing Iraq."

He continued that "the sovereignty and unity of Iraq were becoming at stake and everyone should stand serious pause about this, noting that" we believe the difference but you should not disagree about the country's sovereignty and security because it is a red line. "

The Cabinet authorized, on Tuesday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi take appropriate action over the "Turkish overtaking" on the Iraqi border, stressing that the national sovereignty and the country's borders geographical "red line not allowed to harm them," while the Turkish government demanded the withdrawal of troops and the declaration of respect for Iraqi sovereignty .

He Abadi Office, Tuesday, regret if Turkey insists on not to respond to the request of the Iraqi government to withdraw its troops from Iraqi territory, as he emphasized that Iraq would take "progressive Options scalable" to maintain its sovereignty.

And threatened the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, today, to submit a formal complaint to the Security Council and move towards the international community to take a stand against "the Turkish violation" if Turkey did not withdraw its troops from Iraq before the expiry of the government deadline scheduled on Thursday evening, while confirming Baghdad's keenness to sustain bilateral relations with Ankara including a positive impact on the interests of the two countries.