The local government in Basra recognizes the decline of the security situation and declares near the implementation of a new security plan
2015-12-08 (Voice of Iraq) - Basra

The local government confirmed in Basra, Tuesday, that the security situation in the province saw a decline due to the high rates of the commission of kidnapping and murder and armed robbery, as police directorate announced near the application of a new security plan that includes the redistribution of checkpoints and activate rescue patrols and to hold cars that do not carry plates owners traffic or shaded windows recording.

The governor said Majed Nasraoui during a press conference held together with a number of security chiefs and attended by Alsumaria News, that "Basra recorded in the recent increase in security breaches criminal, especially kidnapping and armed robbery, and therefore has been a meeting of the crisis cell in the Office of the province decide which formation Room joint operations to combat such crimes, "noting that" the new security plan prepared decide within three days and presented to the local government for approval, and a month after it was found that the new plan is not successful we will be strict action against defaulters.

He pointed out the governor that "the meeting of the crisis cell, which more than three-hour during which the agreement on the restructuring of emergency regiments, and activation of rescue patrols now because it has guarded the homes of some officials and the protection of a number of hotels and restaurants, while should wander in the streets, was also decided to prevent and Accounting Vehicles not having registration plates and traffic with the windows shaded owners, in addition to the accounting carrying unlicensed weapons ", adding that" kidnapping and theft gangs must be eliminated as soon as possible. "

For his part, the police commander in Basra, Major General Abdul Karim Mustafa said during a press conference, said that "the deterioration of security in the province due to previous accumulations, and the presence of a defect in the organization of the security forces, in addition to the weakness in the security plan," explaining that "the new security plan will include redistribution of checkpoints, set up three security cordons around the province, and the restructuring of emergency regiments, and activating the role of rescue patrols, assigning additional duties break up the riot forces, as well as strengthen coordination and cooperation between the security services. "

He noted the police chief that "the coming days will witness a security improved significantly, especially since the security forces have a great determination to address the imbalance," adding that "the security forces need more cooperation from the citizens, as many of the citizens are hiding information on the crimes for fear of gangs that committed. "

According to the head of the security committee in the provincial council Jabbar al-Saadi, the "Basra coming days on direct erected hundreds of modern surveillance cameras in public places after, which will help reduce commit certain types of crimes and identify the perpetrators," adding that "the project is disabled for years because of failure to allocate frequencies for wireless cameras system, and the federal government recently approved the necessary for the operation of the system frequency identification. "

The province of Basra, which is characterized by their security posture relative stability may have seen in the past few weeks, a significant increase in the rates of crimes of murder, kidnapping and armed robbery motivated by theft, which prompted members of the provincial council to ask the security forces to take immediate measures to curb such crimes and arrest the perpetrators.