Trade: The Department of the development of the private sector .. task loop to facilitate the participation of businessmen in economy and investment


Iraq today / the Diwan
Department announced the development of the private sector in the Ministry of Commerce on the tasks carried out, with the concerned authorities, to facilitate the participation of the Iraqi private sector in events, conferences and seminars that are held inside and outside the country,
Center Brief for the Ministry of Commerce, also quoted the director general of the Department of Private Sector Development, said that "the department plays an important role, to promote and develop the capabilities of workers in the Iraqi private sector .. by facilitating participation in conferences and seminars, as well as informed for companies from different countries of the world, willing to cooperate with him, as well as providing official bodies of economic reports received by the Commercial Attaches valuable abroad, "the source added:" The department is also working on communication with the private sector through meetings of the views of professional and economic organizations, to identify the problems and obstacles, as well as preparation guide investment opportunities offered in all provinces of the country, as well as the possibility of promotion through ", and mail promotion, we read:" The department issued an electronic bulletin, dealing with research and economic studies that would, development and private sector development, and to be published on the website ", and other activities "workshops in administrative reform government program, and is this training curriculum posted on the website, as well as the dissemination of all data related to bidding and tenders and advertisements ministry, and promotion of Iraqi companies and their products, and dissemination of domestic prices, and provide information on the economic attaché, and functions and addresses, and a guide full the conduct of transactions in the Ministry of Commerce, and for all the Statistics relating to the economic aspect, "and what am saving the source to the end:" The circle of development of the private sector, one of the central departments in the Ministry of Commerce, was developed after 2003, and functions of the development of the private sector. "