Depreciation of stock trading in Iraq by 56%
December 8, 2015 8 0


Announced Iraq market for securities, reduced the value of the stock by 56 percent to 27 billion dinars last November, with securities decided to stop trading on 19.

And systems of the market during the month last November 22 in the regular market and 6 meetings, on the second market, the number of companies traded 64 companies out of 98 companies listed on the market, with market index ISX60 at the end of November to 718.640 point investigators declined 8 percent from its value in October, amounting to 781.560 points.

And market trading during last November 39.921 billion shares down $ 70% compared to October where the stock last 1208 billion shares, while value traded 27.627 billion dinars and down 56% compared to last month, which shares amounted to 63.867 billion, and the number of trades executed 12167 deal.

The total number of shares purchased by non-Iraqis 479 million shares worth 807 million dinars amounted to through the implementation of the deal, while 364 stocks sold non-Iraqi investors 2.078 billion shares worth 1.827 million dinars financial through implementation of 643.

JSC decided to stop trading in 19 decisions of non-compliance with financial disclosure regulations, with five companies remained suspended from trading starting last August for failing to submit annual financial statements for the year 2014 for the body and the market and companies included sadeer hotel and transportation of petroleum products and electronic industries and modern dyes and Canadian production of veterinary vaccines.

Recall that the Iraq market for securities, founded in June 2004, and have relied on manual trading, and in April 2009 the electronic trading adopted partially by some companies, began trading electronically to companies registered in 2010, the market traded 95 subsidiary company of eight sectors are the banking, industrial, hospitality, tourism, agriculture, investment, and insurance, in addition to communications.