For the first time in Iraq and the region ..mash planning: adoption of an advanced electronic program ..
2015-12-08 15:24:39

| (Voice of Iraq) - For the first time in Iraq and the region ..

The Ministry of Planning: the adoption of an advanced electronic program in the implementation of a comprehensive survey of poverty over the next year

Director General of the Executive revealed the strategy of poverty alleviation in the Ministry of the six planning Najla Ali Murad for the support of the World Bank, in collaboration with the Central Agency for the adoption of administration a new tool to assess the standard of living and well-being of the Iraqi people through tracking mail and instant repeated for families to measure the level of poverty in the country.

She explained Murad said the program, which was adopted and the first of its kind in Iraq and the region has proven its success through the implementation of a pilot survey to assess the well-being indicators and standard of living by about an effective and fast using the device (iPad) .. indicating that the new system costs very little compared with other methods, as well as Ease of use to monitor and evaluate the level of poverty annually and whenever the need arises through an electronic form includes a number of variables that are met on the ground by the researchers .. pointing out that field information is sent directly from the field via the Internet linked to the control center to be from which estimate the average spending which defines the family living compared to the national poverty line

Murad showed that the new method of measurement and evaluation of poverty will be adopted in the implementation of a comprehensive national survey to monitor and evaluate poverty in Iraq during the first half of next year in 2016 and continues for a period of sixty days.

It is worth noting that the Central Bureau of Statistics of the Ministry of Planning was carried out in 2012 socio-economic survey of the family for a full year and based on the results that the survey was awarded the poverty line b (105.5) thousand dinars per person per month