Kirkuk: A local official of Article 140 is the biggest challenge for the Iraqi politicians

26.2.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
(Rn) Chairman of the Council of the city of Kirkuk on Sunday that the extent of the implementation of Article 140, determined by the political blocs and the extent of their agreement on resolving the issues on the disputed areas. and the Iraqi constitution, enacted in 2005 and won the approval of about 80 percent of Iraqis who took part in the referendum by the development of a road map through the Article 140 to resolve the dispute over the disputed areas. and begin the first stages of the application of Article normalize the situation there to the pre-application policies, demographic change and then conduct a census in preparation for the final stage a referendum on the fate of those areas to determine the dependence on the administrative territory of Kurdistan or Baghdad government of the Federal . and was scheduled to be completed by the implementation phases of the material in the end of 2007, but political and security problems experienced by Iraq in those years prevented it. explained Mounir Alagafla of the mayor of Kirkuk to Kurdistan News Agency (Rn) that "the duration of the Article 140 had ended and found Article 23 is the alternative it On the other hand there are still parties to stick to the application of Article. " Article 23 of the Election Law of Kirkuk on the sharing of administrative authorities and the security and public functions between components of the city equally, review and audit all data and records related to status of the population, including the records voters and to identify the abuse on public and private property before and after the ninth of April, 2003. The article also refers to the formation of a parliamentary committee in particular to address these issues and raise its report to the House of Representatives in the event of failure of the Iraqi Council of Representatives to enact a special law for elections to the provincial council in Kirkuk. In case this is not possible The three presidencies (Council presidency and the prime minister and the Presidency of the Council of Representatives) and the assistance of the United Nations to determine the conditions a private place on the basis of elections in Kirkuk. "The maximum limit for the application of Article 140, determined by the agreements and understandings between the Iraqi political blocs different article originally . " Noting that "Article 140 is unconstitutional and controversial at the same time." He Alagafla saying "unfortunately still the Iraqi political blocs in the ongoing conflict on the situation in Iraq in general and not just the issue of Article 140." says local residents in Kirkuk that Article 140 has kept oil-rich city in the cycle of political crises which led to the "blocking" the implementation of several projects. But others saw that equation reversed and said that services will not be available until after the resolution. Observers say that the disputed areas between Arbil and Baghdad's biggest challenge in Iraq and seem to fear the outbreak of the conflict between its components. And live in those areas a mixture of nationalist Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen as well as Christian religious minority. Kurds accuse the federal government in Baghdad stalling in the application of the material. This file is the most outstanding problems between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government. From: Abdullah al-Amiri. Open: Murtaza Yousuf

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