Allawi and al-Jubouri emphasize the importance of unifying the national ranks
Dated: December 7
, 2015

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq Search House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, with Chairman of the National List, Iyad Allawi, political and security developments in the country and file reconciliation .ozkr statement to the Office of the President of the House of Representatives today: "The al-Jubouri, Allawi met and discussed with him the latest political and security developments in addition to the file Reconciliation Aloutnah.oadav that "al-Jubouri said the importance of the concerted efforts of all the political blocs to unite to face the Daash and edit all territory controlled by Daash Alarhabiyh.ohdd gangs according to the statement on the need to take everyone's role to push forward the reform process and the advancement of the reality of security and economic country .