Plan to remove the abuses and open the closed streets in the New Baghdad
11:57 GMT
BAGHDAD - and babysit - prepared the Municipality of Baghdad plan to remove the excesses and the opening of closed streets within the new mayor of Baghdad categorically.
A statement of the secretariat received "public opinion" a copy of it from the general manager of the New Baghdad Municipality circle Ahmed Khawam, saying that "technical staffs in the department prepared a comprehensive plan to remove all the abuse on the streets, sidewalks and public property that impede the provision of municipal services to the citizens."

"The department has a major campaign to remove the excesses in the regions represented by the Secretary and nursery sites selling sheep, fruit and vegetables and sites for car wash and remove the role of the beating on the land owned by the Ministry of Finance in the early stages of construction in the area of teachers."

Khawam pointed out that "the plan will also include the opening of all the streets closed across the cutter to facilitate the smooth flow of traffic and traffic and the removal of unauthorized billboards," noting that "the campaign will be continuing to address the phenomenon of overtaking uncivilized".