House of Representatives will reconvene tomorrow and agenda devoid of the budget

Resumes the House of Representatives, on Tuesday, regular meetings to vote on the law and to discuss a number of draft laws, while devoid of its draft general budget bill for next year 2016 agenda.
The agenda includes, according to a statement of the Council received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, "the vote on the first draft amendment to the Law forensic medicine No. 37 Act of 2013, and the report and discuss the first draft amendment to the law of insurance on personal responsibility for the staff of government departments and public sector No. 47 of Law 1990 ".
The table also includes a report and discussion of the draft law amending the Code of Criminal Procedure No. 23 of 1971, and the report and discuss the draft Code of Military Criminal Procedure Law, and discuss the draft report and the Iraqi National Intelligence Service Act. "
It also includes "the work of the regions and governorates not organized in a region plan."
The House of Representatives has completed in its meeting on 22 of last month's discussion of the draft federal budget for the 2016 law, while the Council of Ministers held last week an amendment them to reduce the deficit, estimated at 22.7 trillion dinars, the equivalent of 21% of total expenditure compared to the expenses of 106 trillion dinars.