Allawi's coalition links the participating government granting the elections

Linking national coalition led by Iyad Allawi, his participation government by granting the electoral entitlement.

According to a statement of the coalition, received by all of Iraq [where], a copy of the coalition contract "an emergency meeting chaired by Iyad Allawi, on Sunday, was the review of the internal situation which is going through the country, as well as the regional and international situation, the participants confirmed the need for the cohesion of the national forces and achieve the prospects for the political victory of reconciliation and national unity on the forces of terrorism, extremism and darkness. "
He said during the meeting "to address the previous agreements and that have not applied or implemented, first and foremost document of political reform and reconciliation and national unity and out of political sectarianism and go to the enterprise system and solving the problem of displaced persons and the fight against the corrupt and respond to the demands of the legitimate peaceful demonstrators and to participate in political decision-making and the enactment of the amnesty law and reform real situation deteriorating. "
The statement continued, was also "emphasized that the participation of the national coalition government will be linked to the implementation of liabilities legitimate above and give a national coalition of electoral maturity to be able to exercise its role in achieving the demands of the masses and the implementation of reforms, and these observations lead the national to take its decision in all the positions that have to be adopted."
It was Abdul Karim Abtan, MP for the National Alliance, revealed to [where], for study withdrawal from the coalition government option.
Said Alabtan Friday that "national coalition will meet soon on the dismissal of the Minister of Commerce [who belongs to the national] and I think there are options he wants the Iraqi people not to participate in the government and go to the opposition in parliament, the fact that access to positions Ansay him," adding, "It was and we have to nominate a minister Fsnrah minister brave national serving the needs and demands of the people. "
He served the national coalition led by Iyad Allawi positions in the government of Haider Abadi, the first Vice President of the Republic and assigned to Allawi and the other the Ministry of Commerce.
The longer the reforms, the position of Allawi packages have been canceled sacked as Minister of Commerce [Mlas Abdul Karim] -almthm Balvesad- "for not Mbacherth his duties for a period exceeding one month, and decide to be considered to have resigned from his job," according to a statement of the Prime Minister's Office Wednesday.
Referred to as the Integrity Court has issued in 18 of last October, was arrested and the introduction of the right of the Minister of Commerce and a number of general managers in the ministry on charges of financial corruption files and Adarei.anthy orders.