Mosul dam on the verge of collapse .. US embassy has prepared an evacuation plan

Nineveh-Iraq-Presse December / Despmbr -7: news reports warned on Monday, from, that "the risk of collapse of the Mosul Dam has peaked."
The reports quoted sources inside the US embassy in Baghdad, said that "the last ended, last month, preparations and put three contingency plans to evacuate its embassy employees and their nationals, who's more than thirty thousand, in addition to the nationals and employees of other Western embassies."
This began the preparations, since the month of September when indicated specialized reports to a Altaksvat ground under the walls of the dam to the advanced stages led to the growing cracks in the walls of the dam.
According to the same sources, the "Embassy formed a crisis cell of specialists meets every week to inspect and assess the latest developments, and was one of the recommendations send a dedicated team of US Navy personnel to dive to the bottom of the dam and preview Altaksvat and cracks closely, and then concluded cell crisis in the final recommendations to the need to prepare for the scenario collapse and develop contingency plans to evacuate its employees and their nationals from Iraq "0
And confirms specialists, he said that "if the Mosul Dam is not much different from the conditions of Iraq, which eroded and breaks down rapidly as a result of crises accumulated in 13 years, and that the collapse of this dam will serve as the worst humanitarian disaster occur over the history of Iraq."
According to figures study -aadha Dams and Water Resources Research Center at the University of Mosul were made ​​in the technology of water XIII World Congress which was held in Egypt in 2009, to, he was "in a state of collapse of the dam, the 207 632 cubic meters of water will flow quickly 3.5 kilometers per second and up 25.3 meters in the first nine hours of the disaster, which displays more than half of the city of Mosul to the drowning water reaches a height of 20 meters. "
The study confirms, "The human and economic catastrophe will not include Mosul, but will lead to the deaths and the displacement of more than two million Iraqis, as well as sweep the flood water to an estimated distance of 500 km within along the course of the Tigris River, and its banks to flood the water in large parts of the capital Baghdad, up to the height of four meters.
And see specialists, the disaster of the most serious catastrophe is expected collapse of Mosul Dam is to ignore the governments that came to power in Iraq after 2003 to warnings the world and specialized bodies.
He noted included a comprehensive assessment report included a frightening facts presented by the dams and specialists geologists experts in the US Army Corps of Engineers in September of 2006, that "the risk of the collapse of the dam list and expected to occur at any moment as a result of the continued erosion of the foundations of the dam and its foundations, and that the consequences of the collapse would be disastrous ".
The report, at the time, alternatives and solutions to address and remedy this disaster to occur, but the efforts to prevent this collapse occurs, you may complicated by the periodic meetings between the Iraqi government and the US side, which were taking place behind the scenes, as a result of the lack of seriousness of the Iraqi side and rejected the allocation of the necessary funds from the Iraqi government to install the dam, which was estimated, at the time, up to six million dollars. According to specialists
US Corps of Engineers report also recommended "the need to work immediately establishing Dam Badush as a precaution the event of a collapse, in addition to the construction of a dam downstream to be Msadda to Seoul, but the Iraqi government, at the time, alternative solutions refused, citing, as an" unnecessary and costly ".