Wasit financial litigation for not granting port dues from Zurbatiyah

It announced the governor of Wasit owner behind the valley, on Monday, filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Finance's "disregard" for the application of Law 21 of 2013 and the failure to accord dues of imports Zurbatiyah port, while threatened to resort to other options in the event of unresponsiveness.
He said the valley in an interview to the (long-Presse), "the legal department in the Office of the province lifted, today, filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Finance of the disregard for the application of the law 21 of 2013, which includes for local governments to 50% of the imports of the border crossing points."
He added the valley, that "Wasit province like other provinces are suffering from financial hardship to not release financial allocations so we demand the Ministry of Finance the application of the seventh paragraph of Article 44 of the provincial law No. 21 of 2013", stressing that "the administration of the province will proceed to sue the Ministry of Finance it did not apply this paragraph ".
He pointed out the valley, that "the province will resort to other options to get the rights of the people of Wasit province, in the event of Finance has not responded to its demand."
The Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban has stated, in (December 20 153) during a press conference in the city of Karbala that the Interior Ministry granted entry visas for more than two and a half million visitors from outside Iraq during the past two weeks, including a million and a half million visitors Iranian " pointing out that the "Visa funds obtained through the offices and consulates are outside Iraq Todeiha in the state treasury and not to the Ministry of internal or external, to spend that money expires.
The governor of Wasit owner behind the valley, announced on Monday, leaving 90% of foreign visitors, and as he emphasized the lack of accurate statistics of the number of foreign visitors who entered through Zurbatiyah port, attributed the reason to the chaos and confusion in the work that took place in the port.
The management Badrah, Wasit Province announced, in (December 20 152) entry of more than three million foreign visitors Zurbatiyah across the border port visit to perform session, stressing that about one million of them entered without a visa (visa).

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