Finance Committee: 86 file corruption condemns Fahdawi (details)

07-12-2015 03:30 PM

Revealed the parliamentary finance committee member Majda al-Tamimi for 'collecting 86 file condemning corruption and Electricity Minister Qassim Fahdawi', indicating '36 file sent to the Integrity Commission to investigate, and there are 50 other file will be sent the next few days'.

Tamimi said in a press statement, that 'there are 86 file corruption condemns the Ministry of Electricity Qassim Fahdawi, saying' We have sent 36 to the integrity of the investigation file, there are 50 existing file my possession we will send soon. '

She explained that 'not all the files sent to the integrity and follow-up to resolve them quickly, indicating' We are monitoring closely the work of the Integrity Commission, which in turn work hard and proved the credibility of the reports that we went to him '.

She noted that the cameras that ihraam earlier reports have shown that companies that have been buying cameras fake ones, not existing file ', pointing out that the Integrity Commission confirmed that the files in the utmost precision and integrity'.