Palm reveal .. These are the sources of financing Daash
Date: 07/12/2015

Palm-in the wake of their meeting in Turkey just two days after the passage of the terrorist attacks horrific in Paris, leaders of the "Group of Twenty" issued a statement condemning the recent attacks by the organization "Daash in Iraq and the Levant" and reaffirmed their commitment to fighting terrorism .. In particular, , the group of industrialized countries reaffirmed their commitment to "addressing the channels of financing of terrorism." And raises the subject the following question: How is funded organization "Daash" international operations?

It is funded organization "Daash" mainly across a wide range of criminal activities, large and small, which are concentrated in parts of Syria and Iraq under the control of the group. The organization "Daash" Bserg livestock, selling passports of foreign fighters, and the imposition of taxes on minorities, farmers and truck drivers, and management of blackmail experienced operations, and kidnapping civilians for ransom money, and looting, as well as many other works. It also earns about $ 40 million a month from illegal oil sales only. However, these sources mainly support the organization in charge of building the state institutions and the financing of the fighting on its territory, starting from the payment of teachers' salaries, garbage collection down to bribe tribal leaders and the payment of the salaries of the fighters.

However, according to Matthew Levitt, a former senior official in the US Department of Treasury, and a senior fellow and director of "Stein Program" of the intelligence and counter-terrorism at the Washington Institute, there is an innovative self-financing model whereby encourage recruits to organize "Daash" and supporters around the world on his followers to finance their trips to territory controlled by the organization "Daash", or, as likely, financing their attacks in the West. While it was premature statement - with any degree of certainty - how which was funded Paris attacks, but it is likely to have been financed, in whole or in part, through a local criminal activity - or legal, such as using subsidies and social state or taking a loan.

Levitt says a report in the digital Washington Institute site, it is not none of the exporters a surprise, since the authorities track the use of such plans for the financing to carry out attacks, by potential terrorists, foreign fighters seeking to join the organization, "Daash". Indeed, in earlier this year, the report identified "the Task Force on Financial Action" ("the Financial Action Task Force") are several possible flows of revenue fighters to terrorists, potential foreign, including theft and drug trafficking, and various social services payments, and outstanding loans. Also has some potential travelers to occupy planners or short-term work to raise the necessary funds, while others have adopted, quite simply, their savings or on a student loan accounts.

We turn to some examples. The Michael Zahav Bebo, who was killed a Canadian soldier before his attack on the Canadian Parliament in October / October 2014, a work in the oil fields in the province of Alberta in order to raise funds for trying to travel to Syria.

And it has a small crimes the possibility of securing sufficient funds to launch an attack or a local travel to the combat zone as well. There is also the case of the boy, aged 15 years in Montreal, which compromise the shop and in possession of a knife and managed to steal dollars in 2200 to pay for a plane ticket from Canada. However, the teenager's father had handed him over to the police after the discovery of the money in his son's bag. There are also four men who were arrested in February in Brooklyn - New York, for trying to join the organization, "Daash".

It has been providing a section of their money by Pro runs kiosks for the sale of kitchen utensils and cellular phones in a mall. According to the indictment, the cost of round-trip ticket to Istanbul for only $ 598. One of the accused has predicted that "does not need to take more than $ 400 to travel to Syria because he will not feel any concern [material] in the territory of the organization" Daash ".

In Britain, anti-terrorism unit of the London police has recorded several cases Mall where jihadists themselves through social care funded by state aid. More recently used Yahya Rashid tuition funds and loans granted to cover the educational travel and travel costs four other friends to join the organization, "Daash" in Morocco and Syria through Turkey.

In the United States, according to "Bureau of Investigation Alfdirala" The Christopher Cornell, accused of plotting to detonate pipe bombs in the US Capitol building and opened fire on people during their escape, "saving money", quite simply, to carry out attacks. In many cases, including the shooting in Canada, resulting in frustration individual travel to Syria to switch to commit deadly attacks in the country of residence, which returned easily convert travel funds to do a local terrorist acts.

While the governance and spending on weapons by the "Daash" organization in Syria and Iraq requires high expenses, the implementation of an attack in the West is high cost. Take for example the attacks that took place in January in Paris to the magazine "Charlie Hebdo", and a policeman, and a Jewish grocery. Amedee Coulibaly has claimed that he helped the two brothers Koichi in "venture" awarded by "a few thousand euros" in order that they can buy what they need. Some reports said the two brothers Quashie has won 20 thousand dollars of "Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula", but you pay thrower bombs rockets (RPG) and Kalashnikov automatic rifles used by the Brotherhood Koichi which has given to them less than $ 6,000. Also, some reports have also reported that Coulibaly himself had used a false list of income for a loan worth 6000 euros to finance the purchase of weapons to carry out attacks. While the "Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula announced" claimed responsibility for the attack, the two brothers Quashie, but Coulibaly linking himself to organize "Daash".

There is another possible source of funding available to the terrorists in the West - traditional in nature and is interested in: the exploitation of charity. In light of the catastrophic humanitarian crisis in Syria and Iraq, "the Task Force on Financial Action warned" earlier this year that "must recognize the potential exploitation of charities by organizing" Daash "or associated with him, directly or indirectly, to collect funds or financing activities ". Over the past year, European countries have taken action against several charities as there are doubts about the financing of terrorism.

In November last, the French authorities shut down the "Pearl of Hope" Charity Association, which claimed that it is to "promote the health of young children Syrians and Palestinians patients and their education," beaching arrested two people on charges of terrorism financing. According to investigators, for while the "Pearl of Hope" Association reach food and medical supplies, "the group was also used these distributions as a front to turn the hidden funds to jihadist groups they have had links to" Al-Nusra Front. "

At the same time, they were about 12 other charity under surveillance, some of them for the existence of doubts to be associated with the organization of "Daash". Even today, these cases associated with raising funds for terrorist activities in Syria and Iraq, but that the likelihood of misappropriation of small amounts for the travel of terrorists or to carry out [armed] may worry the authorities.

There is one other way may have been from which to finance, in whole or in part, attacks such as those that took place in Paris, and that: funds from the organization "Daash" himself. Unlike previous attacks, which were mostly individual plots inspired by the organization "Daash", the Paris attacks operations external management plans outside France as part of what he called "the Central Intelligence Agency," US director John Brennan to "the agenda of external operations" for the organization "Daash". Some reports suggest that a senior official in the organization "Daash" runs this agenda which Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, who seems to recorded messages calling for attacks in the West, activities linked to the growing process of the actors in the organization of "Daash" in Europe.

Late last year, with the start of warriors terrorists Europeans foreigners associated with the organization of "Daash" Baltqatr returning to their home country in Europe - and some of them, on what is believed to now, in order to carry out attacks - Aladnana this directive issued to the followers of the "Daash": "if you can infidel American or European, especially if the French hated and dirty, then relied on God and kill him in any way or means "killing.

According to the judge, a former counter-terrorism - Frenchman Jean-Louis Bruguiere, will almost certainly Obaaud Abdul Hamid, the alleged head of the network responsible for the Paris and several plots previous attacks, was in contact with senior officials in the organization, "Daash" about such schemes.

If the organization "Daash" leaders wanted to send money from allocations to finance war operations abroad, there are many ways in which they can be adopted even if the organization "Daash" largely cut off from the formal financial system. P "of the Iraqi Central Bank" for example, has issued instructions to financial institutions to prevent wire transfers from banks located in areas controlled by the organization "Daash" and it, and the international banks, which has branches in these areas has transferred its staff to other places. But there are other ways the organization can "Daash" send money through it if he chooses to do so, outside the framework of veterans returning foreign terrorists holding them small sums of money to Europe.

First, despite the efforts of the Iraqi government, officials are still worried that the Assad regime in Syria did not put any restrictions on banks that are located in areas controlled by the organization "Daash". Even in Iraq, warns, "the Task Force on Financial Action" of some branches in areas controlled by the organization "Daash" "may maintain its links with the international financial system." And despite the fact that many international institutions have cut ties with the most likely of these banks, it found "the Task Force on Financial Action" that the latter can still communicate with some of the authorities that are not named.

Organization "Daash" has also been engaged in the field of latent banking services, and access to banks, which have links with the international financial system outside the areas controlled by. Dutch officials have said that the warriors of foreign terrorists who arrived in Syria or Iraq were using European debit cards linked to national banking their accounts when they were withdrawing money from ATMs in the vicinity of those in which the active organization "Daash" areas.

In addition to the formal banking system, you can organize "Daash" send money through foreign entities neighboring money remitters and receiving. According to the Finnish authorities that are common for the delivery of funds to the foreign fighters upon their arrival in Syria or Iraq is a method sent via "money remitters that have agents working in close to the territory controlled by the organization" Daash "border areas". Dutch authorities have noticed a similar activity and "considers it highly unlikely ... that intermediaries transporting cash to the nearby territory controlled by the organization" Daash "areas."

Elements of the "Daash" was also devised other plans. For example, the Saudi authorities informed the "Task Force on Financial Action" that individuals associated organization has made an appeal to donors via the site "Twitter" and asked her to establish a connection via "Skype". After that, the elements of these donors asked to buy prepaid international cards (such as the balance of a cell phone or credit shop), then send the card numbers to them via "Skype" ..

This information will eventually reach one of their supporters near the area controlled by the organization. " Daash "in Syria, where the person can then sell it and send the resulting cash to the group. While all of these cases related to the transfer of funds to Syria and Iraq, it is possible to use it with ease to send money in the opposite direction.

Whether the attackers in Paris have financed their operations through criminal activities or other in Europe, or have been funded, in whole or in part, of organizing "Daash" by its leaders in Syria and Iraq funds, the fact remains that the attacks were not high cost. The trace the money after the act may be an investigative tool and a highly effective intelligence to detect hidden networks, and monitoring of other elements, and to prevent follow-up attacks, but the financial intelligence tool is not a panacea. In the end, easy to get such a small amount of money, and can facilitate the successful attacks painfully.