Minor amendments by the government on the budget and provided trillion dinars of investment allocations


Members of the Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, yesterday, for the delivery of government parliament amendments to the draft 2016 budget, Marjaheen mid-month approval.
He described the House of Representatives amendments as "minor", saying they were only provides trillion dinars, noting that it reduced its investment budget for the benefit of public spending.
According to deputies, the International Monetary Fund agreed to grant Iraq $ 1.2 billion in soft loans simple benefits to plug the fiscal deficit in the coming budget.
MP says Ahmed Hama Rasheed, Rapporteur of the Finance Committee in a statement (term) that his committee "the process of hosting all the ministries, and will end during the next three days, in order to inform them of the most prominent changes that will occur on the Budget Law for the year 2016".
He said Hama Rashid, that "the Finance Committee will present the general budget law to a vote in the House of Representatives middle of this month, after deducting all the points and observations to be adjusted," stressing that "Alastdavat Committee will enable to make some transfers in the chapters of the budget, which requires discussed with all state institutions."
And confirms the decision of the Finance Committee that "the arrival of government amendments to the budget to Parliament a draft," noting that "the budget amounted to 105 trillion dinars and an estimated deficit of 24 trillion dinars, income projected size of 81 trillion dinars."
The parliamentary Committee of Economy and Investment announced, mid-October last, that the financial budget for next year 2016, amounted to 106 trillion Iraqi dinars and a deficit of 23 trillion dinars, and as pointed out that most of them devoted to the security sector.
He said Kurdish lawmaker to "negotiations that took place between the federal government and the International Monetary Fund and took more than a month," stressing that "the accession negotiations ended in Iraq a loan estimated at $ 1.2 billion."
MP confirms Hama Rashid said "the oil agreement signed between Baghdad and Erbil is included in the budget next year," pointing out that "the share of the region remain are the other 17%."
And stresses MP Majda al-Tamimi, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, that "the government cuts affected the investment budget in exchange for an increase in expenditure and deficit," but said the survival of the roof of the export of oil by about 3.6 million per day at a price of $ 45 a barrel.
Tamimi believes that "the 2016 budget is not austerity, because it amounted to about the 95 billion dollars." And he criticized the "poor explosive budgets that were approved in previous years, causing waste management in public money."
And a member of the Liberal bloc indicated that "more doors and waste exchange that happened was in the currency and tours of licenses that have affected the Iraqi economy and the cost of the general budget large sums auction."
Tamimi stressed "the need to bridge the public budget loans from the International Monetary Fund deficit and the issuance of treasury bonds."
And Rep surprise show of approval of the budget in 2016 without government provides the final accounts to balance in 2014 without the knowledge of the mechanisms of exchange last year.
In turn, says MP Abdul Qader Mohammed Omar (range) that "there is a slight change occurred in the budget law, which reduce the amount trillion dinars to become about 105 trillion."
He said the Attorney member of the Finance Committee, "the federal government had been negotiating over the previous period, with the International Monetary Fund in order to get some loans."
The condition of the International Monetary Fund removal of subsidies on electricity and the ration card to provide loans Iraqi government is trying to fill the projected deficit in the budget of 2016. The Fund has also expressed strong on the size of salaries paid by Baghdad salaries reservations, calling on them to reconsider.
He Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc member that "the benefits of which will get loans from the IMF Iraq will be less than 1% to be paid in twenty years," adding that it "will not Tatr on the Iraqi economy."