Rowhani instructs to speed up the implementation of the railway between Khorramshahr and Basra, the Iraqi project

2015-12-07 01:10:13 | (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News

Iranian President Hassan Rohani instructed to expedite the implementation of a project to extend the railway between the cities of Khorramshahr in Iran, Basra in Iraq.

During a meeting of the Council of Ministers headed by Iranian President Rowhani was to instruct the Ministry of roads and the construction of housing and the Organization of programming and planning in the country to speed up the implementation of this joint project between Iran and Iraq in order to facilitate the movement of visitors to the holy shrines in both countries speed.

He praised efforts by the Council of Ministers of the Commission visit Arbain and all competent organs to send visitors to the shrine of Imam Hussein to participate in this visit and return to the country safely.