Parliamentary Finance demanding to cancel the auction currency and the dimensions of Directors of the Bank of partisan quotas

Dated: December 6, 2015

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq criticized a member of the parliamentary finance committee Majida al-Tamimi current Central Bank, "stressing" the need to cancel the auction currency and the dimensions of Directors of the Bank for partisan and political quota system ". She said Tamimi in a statement today:" The political and partisan quotas confused the work of institutions government, particularly the economic ones, "stressing" the necessity to run the central bank by specialists economy and money, not according to the quotas that have caused the destruction of Iraq's economy ".ooodan Tamimi" The currency auction in a large increase in spite of our pleas many of the Central Bank of the need to reduce these sales of hard currency, especially since these sales sometimes be covered by the reserve value negatively affect the quantity, "stressing the" importance of maintaining the size of the reserve and in line with international standards, ".ofattt that" there is a great imbalance in the currency auction, "noting that" customers Central Bank of the private sector are buying the dollar at the official rate under the pretext of covering imports State and this move carry an imbalance intentional, the fact that the sale of the dollar at the official rate goes into the pockets of corrupt ".ostgrepett Tamimi of the" insistence of the central bank to hold an auction of the currency, "she wondered," Is there in neighboring countries Auction currency as is the case in Iraq, ".otthar suspicions of corruption and operations of money laundering through the central bank auction where announced, specialized issues of integrity and economic crime and money laundering a misdemeanor court, on 20 August issued sentences of imprisonment and a fine against officials in the Rafidain and North after being convicted on charges related to corruption and money laundering, a banner earlier in the presence of 20 defendants in this some issues largely chairman "is noteworthy that, the Federal Supreme Court, announced on the sixth of July, several articles unconstitutional in budget 2015 law, including Article 50, Judge b "obliging the Central Bank identifies sales of hard dollar currency in its daily auction ceiling does not exceed $ 75 million per day," .fima counting the Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency on the Keywords, the court's decision as "came in accordance with the Constitution and the Law on the Central Bank, which is a great importance because of its impact on promote and support the independence of the Bank and remove him from influencing the policies and decisions. "The relationships declared in 20 of the month of November last that the reserve bank of foreign exchange of 60 billion dollars," adding that "enough for six months," noting that "the Central Bank is working on the application of the policy Parallel to maintain the overall stability of prices and curb inflation. "