Confirmed that the exemption decision of the Minister of Commerce lacks the flexibility and accuracy .. Concord: (National) lost all their positions in the government

Mashreq - the news section
The official spokesman for the National Accord Movement rhomboid Zia on Sunday that the National Coalition has lost all its positions in the government of national partnership, in what was considered that the decision to exempt the Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce "lacks the flexibility and accuracy." Said rhomboid that "the President of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, chaired a meeting of some cadres and the leadership of the National Accord Movement, which touched the audience to a number of important issues and a detailed explanation of the reality of the Arab and regional situation, and to the course of events in Iraq's internal arena," noting that "the meeting voiced their support for the mandate of Allawi by the Council of Arab and international relations follow-up efforts at the regional level to clear the air and directing efforts towards a regional conference on security and cooperation against extremism and terrorism. " He said rhomboid, "The meeting discussed the decision of the Prime Minister to exempt the Minister of Commerce Mlas Alexanzan because of Mbacherth his duties for more than a month," adding that "everyone agreed that this decision lacks the flexibility and accuracy for non-news national coalition of the decision before the announcement, as well as that results of the investigation is not over yet after the handover of the investigation files to the court ten days ago. " He continued, "The attendees stressed that this procedure was preceded by the positions of blur with respect to the agreements before the formation of the ministry with Prime Minister-designate Haider al-Abadi that national grant two seats and ministerial their trade, as well as a security device, as well as independent bodies for pointing out that" it has national coalition lost all positions (including the Vice President of the Republic) in the government of national partnership. "He stressed," the need for national stuck right in the alternative for the position of Minister of Commerce nomination ", calling for" the implementation of agreements that have been concluded in the forefront of conducting national reconciliation through the enactment of the necessary laws, and walk forward in the fight against corruption and the corrupt, and the achievement of the political reform document, and out of political sectarianism, and achieve national unity procedures to prevent political and sectarian extremism, and to achieve justice and equality and to respond to the real claims of the demonstrators. "