National coalition will hold an emergency meeting headed by Allawi pledged his participation in the government of "maturity ...

Sunday 6 December 2015

Announced the national coalition, Sunday, all held an emergency meeting chaired by its leader, Iyad Allawi, as pointed out that the government has decided to pledge his participation to the implementation of "legitimate demands" and give him "the electoral entitlement."
He said the coalition in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, that "national coalition held an emergency meeting chaired by Iyad Allawi, today, during which they review the internal situation which is going through our dear country, as well as the regional and international situation," noting that "huddled stressed the need for cohesion of the national forces and achieve the prospects for the political victory of reconciliation and national unity on the forces of terrorism, extremism and darkness. " Allawi calls on the Arab League and the United Nations to support the achievement of national reconciliation in Iraq, al-Jubouri meet Khazali confirmed: reconciliation will not be effective if it is touched citizen
The statement added, that "it was addressed to previous agreements and that have not applied or implemented, first and foremost document of political reform and reconciliation and national unity and out of political sectarianism and go to the enterprise system and solving the problem of displaced persons and the fight against the corrupt and respond to the legitimate demands of peaceful demonstrators and to participate in political decision-making and the enactment of the General Amnesty Law real reform of the situation deteriorating. "
He said the coalition in a statement that "it was stressed that the participation of the national coalition government will be linked to the implementation of the legitimate demands of the above and give a national coalition of electoral entitlement to be able to exercise its role in achieving the demands of the masses and the implementation of reforms," ​​noting that "these observations lead the national to take a decision at all situations that have to be adopted. "
The national coalition of student, earlier on Sunday (December 6, 2015), the Iraqi government to refer the file "Turkish intervention" to the UN Security Council, as pointed out that the security agreement between Iraq and the United States are almost disabled or obsolete.