Green Bird looking for European Sky

Today Iraq / Baghdad
The Iraqi Airways, yesterday, making her now, "talks with the International Committee of Safety in the European Commission in Brussels, for the return of the Iraqi air to the atmosphere of Europe, with the results described the talks as" positive ".
Media company - Salah Tayeh director wear those news uniforms: "The delegation of Iraqi Airways, and the Civil Aviation Authority, attend now a regular meeting of the International Safety Committee in the European Commission in Brussels .. in order to discuss the Iraqi air return to the atmosphere of Europe." , and the expected results, Tayeh has left for the return of the delegation: "Upon the return of the delegation will issue a statement explain the results of the meeting," but he point us the nature of these results in terms of looting or yes "outcome of the meeting positive," The Iraqi Airlines, has confirmed in 9th of September this year, said that "the fact that some European countries to suspend the landing and take-off company planes, came because of" old repercussions ", as pointed out" the signing of a contract with the Greek company to transport passengers Iraq to Europe and vice versa, "he said the ministry Notification: "The Minister of Transport - Baqir al-Zubaidi was announced at the 13th of August of the current year, the formation of three committees, to investigate on the suspension of the flight of Iraqi Airways planes to and from the Airports European countries