Work identifies the first of December .. finally a date to update the data of beneficiaries in Baghdad and the tenth of it for ..


Iraq today / Osama Muthana
The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the first of December next, a date finally suspended the beneficiaries to update their data .. precaution subsidy in Baghdad, and the tenth of the same month, the last date to update the beneficiaries in the provincial data.
Director General of the Social Protection Department - Zidane behind, officially announced the foregoing in a meeting with a number of formations his department managers: "The beneficiaries of social protection benefits who have not updated their data or have not visited by the social researcher, will be the last date to update their data in 01/12/2015 in Baghdad, and for the provinces is 10/12/2015, and otherwise will stop the subsidy released precaution ", and advised Behind covered by subsidy - who have not been reached by teams of social research in:" Review of the circuit sections in Baghdad and the provinces, up to dates later than, avoid cutting the subsidy for them "And what should attention Alah- according to the Dictionary behind:" There is a need for a combination of all efforts, to raise the efficiency of the performance of the staff, and the completion of operations data for beneficiaries updated as soon as possible ", and Mayanet complete the launch of social protection for the displaced subsidy measures:" embodies the national human and moral responsibility Social Protection Authority ", and other necessities:" We must speed up the completion of the families covered by the survey measures subsidizing social protection of displaced people, and to have priority, as a result of conditions experienced by those families ", either about things again, gained the attention of Zidane and gathered" The participants discussed the problems that hinder some aspects of the work, in terms of modernization of beneficiaries data and problems of the smart card, in order to review the contract with the company, to address some of the dysfunction, as well as discuss financial matters to retrieve funds from squatters ", and Jajd ministry notification, that is essential for him remembered thus: "The social protection body, began implementation of the new Law on Social Protection, which includes expansion in coverage categories, and increased social protection grant, ranging from 105 thousand per capita, and even (420) Alpha family consisting of four members and above, and it is targeting those who are within or below the poverty line, regardless of the health and social cases to the beneficiary, if the application of the new law depends Province mechanism.